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Sunday, 27 November 2011

4 Weeks To Go!

Hello all!

Christmas seems to have crept up a bit on me this year.  
I think because the weather has been so mild I didn't really realise what the date is.
This time last year I was complaining about the frost and snow, but I think so far I've only had to scrape ice off the car twice!
Anyhoo in an effort to get myself feeling Christmassy I bought some magazines.

The first being a Mollie Makes.
It came with a free calendar which is always useful.
I really love this tree decoration make out of old bits of wood; window frames and the like.
They give ideas for making the decorations.....
and directions for making this wreath.  Now, I love this, but the cost of so many felt balls would be HUGE, so I'll just admire it.
 The other magazine I got was Prima Christmas Makes.
I got this last week but Lucy at Attic 24 beat me to it with the blog post!  I can only echo what she has said, there are some fabby ideas in it.
I like these cards/gift tags, simple but effective.
We shall be mainly pink again this year, so these caught my eye.

And if you are more traditional, red and white.
I popped down to B & Q today to check out their decorations.
I'm into felt at the moment.  The pink felt tree has a thread through the middle and the green tree might be an idea for school.  I only noticed it was missing a ball when I got home. :-(
All of this talk is getting me in the mood.

Right, back to other things, the crochet scarf for my teacher is finished.
It's so soft, I'm really pleased, and I've started another for me. Hehe.
On Teresa's suggestion I crocheted a flower for my jacket at Butterfly Knitters yesterday.
We had our annual clear out and sell of our yarn we didn't want.  £170 was raised for the charity which we were very pleased with.

Ok I need to go now and cook Sunday Lunch (tea).  Mr Clicky Needles tried stir frying the sprouts last week with some onion ~ fry first ~ and they were yum, so stir fried sprouts it is!

As always have a great week.
Byeeeee.................Clicky Needles.


  1. It did sneak up this year! I've only had to scrape my car off once. I love the prospect of setting up and making up all of the pretty decorations! Enjoy your Christmas season and your stir fry!

  2. I bought the latest edition of Mollie Makes for the first time, plenty of festive inspiration in there, already had a go at stitching up a sleepy your crochet scarf and pretty flower......stir fired sprouts sounds unusual but yummy, will have to try it myself. x

  3. What yummy magazines.. such fun ideas.. very inspirational.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Have jusy taken out a subscription to Mollie Makes, its a really well produced magazine...I will HAVE to do those button decorations wont I.
    The scarf has turned out well, also your broach...thanks for letting me try on your beautiful jacket on is definitely on my to do list for when my other things are finished...I think they will be coming to the show at malvern at the beginning of March.
    Hope you enjoyed your sprouts!!

  5. Hi there!!!!
    Great post btw-I totally agree with you about the wreath though:((((
    I saw a few at Ally Pally when we went and I think the lady said in total to make one was would cost about £50!
    Mollie Makes is a fab magazine and luckily enough I subscribed so I have every issue so far.It really does have some great inspiration in it!!
    No luck on finding a 'Prima makes' at the minuet though-perhaps Stroud is out of stock lol!
    Hopin your well
    Best wishes


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