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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

She's fine!

Hi there!

Thanks for your comments on DD's trip, we've had a very brief Facebook chat with her and all is going well.  She's missing her boyfriend (not family!!!!!) and has had been into the hospital at Awassa to see lots of different aspects of childbirth and babies.
The weather is hot and humid and she's eating fish and bread and not much else!

Anyhoo back to other things.
I met with Tickety-Boo at the Lavender Bakehouse over half term and she gave me my giveaway prize.
When the candle is lit it gives off lovely diffused light.
Thank you Tickety-Boo, it's great!

Of course I sampled something with my cup of tea, it would have been rude not to.  This meringue was yummy and huge!

On the home baking front, I made this chocolate roulade on Saturday ~ heaven!
I got my friendship squares off........
 and received these ones. 
Jacket progress was halted for a bit, with making all those little hats but I'm now back full steam ahead and I'm just on the collar ~ the last of knitting.  
Just the making up now.  I'm getting very excited and the thought of wearing it!  
Sad?  Maybe.
Ho Hum.

Bye for now........................Clicky Needles.


  1. That is truly wonderful that your daughter gets to experience a different world.. I'll be she'll appreciate her own after this! Your "jelly roll" cake looks scrump-dilly-isious!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What an experience for your daughter! I'm sure it'll be something she remembers for a lifetime. And it sounds like you had a lovely time visiting! That candle is very neat looking and the food is yummy looking! Best of luck finishing up your jacket!

  3. Glad she is safe. Those hats will be very welcomed.
    Really look forward to seeing your jacket it was looking gorgeous when we met up.
    Glad you like your candle holder :)

  4. Glad DD is doing OK and will be home soon. Thought the food might be a problem - you'll have to cook another scrummy roulade to welcome her home. Glad the hats were well received, will do some through the next year if S in L is going again. Love to DD dojo xx


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