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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blanket Fever!


I need to start by thanking you all soooo much for your lovely comments on last week's post ~ I was blown away by them all.

On Friday my wonderful friend Romain invited over to her house for a cup of tea and a look at her crochet blanket from the 1970's.  To join it together she did 4 chains and a slip stitch from the wrong side ~ in the green you can see, I've still not decided how to join mine.
Romain is a hugely talented knitter and is currently halfway through a Rams and Yowes blanket by Kate Davies.  Have a look here to see Kate Davies' designs.
 I'm sure you'll agree with me it looks wonderful so far.
We had Butterfly Knitting Group on Saturday, so I took my latest squares to sew the ends in.  My little bag was stuffed full and when I counted them there were 42. 
 Not bad for a week's work.
I find it very satisfying piling them all up.
 I laid out the squares (again!) and I've decided the blanket will be 15 squares wide and 23 squares in length, so I've about 60 to do.  Hopefully then, it'll be finished in the next few weeks (!) we'll see.

Thanks to Little Red Dragon and Anonymous for clarifying the number squares I could make. 990. 
I bow down to your superior mathematical brains.

You may of heard about the Beautiful Blogger Blanket which is being organised by Stocki, so I've made some cotton squares for that too.  
And  here are my squares for this month's Phoenix Friendship Blanket.
I seem to be a little blanket obsessive at the moment!

So on to other things, a bit of yarn porn ~ you know you love it ~ some Rico Superba Pop ~ resistance was futile so I didn't bother, love the colours.
And now into the garden and this rather splendid peanut feeder my Mum and Dad got me for Christmas.  I have only just got the nuts from our local farm shop.  It's been up 2 days and the birds have stopped looking suspiciously at it and are now all over it.
Whilst I was at the farm shop I brought this fat ball holder which the sparrows queue up to use!
The weathermen are promising us some snow, we did get a dusting the other day (the first of the year) but it had disappeared by the evening.  There might be more coming in tonight.
No matter.
I've been drinking lots of this lovely brew lately.  I used to drink hot Ribena as a child and this is very similar, but with a kick of cloves.  You can even pretend it's mulled wine if you want. 
Even better it's produced locally.
So if that snow does arrive, I shall be tucked up by the fire, drinking Bottle Green Spiced Berry Cordial and Hooking.  
What could be better?

Have a fun week, bye for now...................Clicky Needles.


  1. I do love crochet blankets but the sewing up and all those ends puts me off! Yours is going to look fabulous!

  2. "Resistance was futile so I didn't bother" - oh, that made me laugh!! And now I'm off for a look at that lovely yarn on Ravelry... :)

  3. I've just been admiring your blanket in the last post - gorgeous!
    I would have found it hard to resist your new Rico yarn too.

  4. I'm with Lynne, still giggling over that. Thank you, I'm sure I'll find a use for it at some time when the kids or OH say "what have you bought more wool for?"

  5. Loved the colours on your squares for Phoenix friendship blanket and looking at Beautiful blogger blanket love the different crochet patterns - so different. Will have to practice. dojo

  6. I've been wondering about that cordial after seeing it in Waitrose, I keep forgetting to have a drink and thought that, perhaps, if I has some of that I might make more of an effort. Is it very sweet?

    1. I don't find it too sweet - I don't have it that strong though. They also do a ginger cordial, which my Mum says is good. I've not tried it.


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