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Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hello Folks!

As you may have guessed from my lack of posting, A Bit Under The Weather went to feeling pretty ill.

I went into work for an hour on Monday and decided it was a bad idea.  The children were their usual lovely entertaining selves but I couldn't cope with them.  So home it was and more sleeping.

I'm better now but not still not back to normal.  (I look forward to the day when I'm normal!)

I'm hoping to get back to work next week, I've missed half of February!

The weather has got warmer so I ventured into the garden and found some plants in bloom.

Some Narcissi 
 and a beautiful spotty Hellebore from my lovely friend Romain which she gave me in the Autumn.  I have lots and lots of Hellebores, but this is my first spotty one.  Just beautiful.  Thanks again Romain!
 I've been playing Scrabble on the iPad with Mr Clicky Needles, this cracking score sadly wasn't mine, but his.
 101. Huh! How annoying.  
Needless to say he won that game.

Well, I'll say goodbye for now, my next post should be a

Have a good weekend.......Clicky Needles.


  1. Sorry you became unwell, I hope you are fully recovered? Do take things slowly, it can overtake you again if you are not careful.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better, it really does take it out of you when you're ill. Gorgeous hellebore.

  3. Glad for feeling better cn!!!!
    Lets hope you get back to 100's soon;)))
    Best wishes

  4. Hope you get back to 'normal' soon ..... Gorgeous pics.
    lol xxx


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