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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Here it is Folks. The Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

Oh,  I am soooooooooooooooooo happy with my Summer Granny Blanket.

Looking at my Ravelry projects I started it back in May last year.  I knew it would be a long term project. 
 A few squares when I fancied it, no pressure. 
I hit it full time in January when I got to a project impasse. 
 I was very good about sewing in the end of the squares as I went along.  
I sewed some on on the beach on the family holiday.
Lots in my lunch hours at school.
When DS was at rugby and DD was riding.
When I came to join, all the ends had been tackled.  
2112 ends altogether.  
That would have been tedious to do at the end.
 I added the shocking pink part way through and I'm so glad I did.  It gives a real zing.
 All of the 352 squares are different.
 The squares were joined through the back loop.
I love, love, love it.
Can you tell?
 And the best best thing about the blanket?  It has cost about £11.00 to make.
The yarn is Marriner Special Double Knit. 100 per cent acrylic.  I got it from Shaws the Drapers.  
  I've quite a lot left over.  Another blanket perhaps?
Probably, but I'll have a break from blanket making for a while I think.


  1. I love your blanket! Isn't it wonderful to realize that you've made a treasured family heirloom? Bravo for you, my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh well done! What a lot of effort has gone into that.

  3. That is really lovely! I am so impressed that you managed to make each square different too. And what a bargain!!

  4. Wow, that looks brilliant. Those colours really stand out, yet blend in with each other. A grand job indeed.

  5. That is beautiful and for £11!!! A lot more labour though........that's why they are so expensive in the shops. Its kind of like a memory blanket too, as you can remember what you were doing and where when you were making it!! Even more special!

  6. Wow!
    This looks totally amazing and yes, you should feel super-proud!
    And a bargain too!
    Lovely, lovely.

  7. As much as I don't like granny squares, I LOVE THIS BLANKET! It looks amazing and your color choices are perfect! Great job!

  8. And I've seen the real thing and it is as good as the photos suggest. A real WOW!

  9. It's fantastic!!! I glanced at this post last night on my phone, and on the tiny screen it looked amazing. But now I'm looking at it on the laptop, my eyes nearly fell out!! I love how each square is different, I can't work out how you kept track of that! The colours are gorgeous, and the fact that the materials only cost £11 is mad!

  10. So Lovely...a wonderful accomplishment. You should be very proud. Love all the colors together.

  11. oooooh it is quite lovely!!! What a great job x

  12. Ace blanket. It looks pretty big. You must have a great sense of achievement now, well done.

  13. Congrats on finishing your blanket! It looks great :) I'm sure you're glad it's finally done. I can't believe you made that for so little money! I'm impressed. I hope you and your family enjoy the pretty new blanket!

  14. Beautiful! So lovely to complete the weekend with a gorgeous Ta-dah! have a good week... :)x

  15. It looks super - the borders really finish it off - and as someone says granny squares aren't everyone's choice but this is a bit different. Well done! especially as you have been out of action of late. dojo xxxx


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