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Sunday, 13 May 2012

And here it is! Jacket Ta-Dah!!!!!

Hello all!

Well yes, at last I'm very proud to present The Jacket!
 It's super~snuggly warm and although it took longer than I expected, I'm loving it.  
Upon reflection, a project will take a long time if you don't actually do it.  Leaving it in the project bag and not getting it out probably isn't the right strategy.  
Anyhoo all done now.
 The rain seems to have stopped for a bit now, what a washout April was!
I got out in the garden yesterday and this time made sure I had the camera to hand, just in case the robin showed up.  He did and I got these pictures.
 He's a lovely companion to have.  A burst of song and then he's pouncing on worms.
Today I've been sitting in the sun working on that sock yarn hat.  As you can see from the reflection in the table top there are a few clouds, but on the whole, it really is lovely.
I thought you might like to see some pictures of The Queen the children have been working on at school.
 There are some good likeness', some look uncannily like Princess Anne!
 We're going Jubilee mad, having spent a lot of time studying the Coronation and using that for a piece of writing.  The children really did well, giving pretty good accounts of what it would have been like to be in the crowd with descriptions of the Golden Coach and how boring it would have been waiting for The Procession.  We then made periscopes (so you can see over the crowd!) 

Well that's about it for now I think. 

 I would like to say Hi! to the newest followers and thanks to everyone for your lovely comments.  
They really do make my day.

Have fun, whatever you get up to, and lets hope the sun carries on for a bit.  

I'm back out in the garden!

Bye....................................Clicky Needles.


  1. Very pretty jacket! And those drawings are cute, I always love seeing how kids interpret people in their drawings.

  2. Fantastic jacket and I LOVE the pics of the Queen!!! Isn't the jubilee fun??? lol x

  3. I love your cardigan, the cables are beautiful. That wee robin is so cute, great photos of him, and I do like that sock yarn. :)

  4. What a brilliant cardigan, it is going to be amazing up in the Cotswold Hills next winter.

  5. Beautiful cardigan and those bird photos are fantastic!

  6. The jacket looks fabulous, the robin photos are top-notch and I love the picture of the Queen.

  7. Your jacket is very swish! I like the shaping at the back. The children are very good at making a likeness aren't they?

  8. That jacket is amazing.. I'm very impressed! I also loved the pictures the children did, they are quite good! I'm enjoying the Jubilee too.. from across the pond. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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