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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Cricket

Hello there!

I put the mockers on the sun didn't I?  It's carried on being another cold, sometimes wet but mostly miserable week.

DS has started playing cricket, so this morning found us The Green at Frampton on Severn.

The Green is as you would imagine complete with a pond and swans.
Their nest, but it seemed they had abandoned it.
We settled down with our (hot) tea and the hat was at the ready.  I wore THE jacket and was toasty warm.  After a while however, my hands got jolly cold and I had to warm them up under some hot water!
The pitch at Frampton is front of the pub (sadly shut) and the village lanes run around it. 
 Here is DS bowling, if you look carefully behind the fielder you can see the road that runs past.  It was very close to the pitch and a car had to stop to avoid a 6!  The passenger got out to help the fielders find the ball. 
They won!

It was DS' birthday last week and we bought him in android phone to replace his old one, which didn't seem to want to work after I washed it.
Anyhoo, he has been playing Words with Friends with me and is picking up tips fast.  
Look at this score of 102.  Hurumph I say.
 On the knitting front I made some bunting to go up at school, the children thought it was great ~ easily pleased!

 I've also made a felted bag which is waiting for the handle to be sewn on, so you'll have to wait to see it.  

Why not pop over to Ozzy Blackbeard's blog to see her All Seasons Cardi, I think I might have to get the pattern mmmmmm.......................

Time to go now, good news ~ the weathermen are actually predicting warmer weather this week...............

Thanks for popping by ............Clicky Needles.


  1. I hope the weather gets warmer for you!
    I have never played cricket, but it sounds interesting. Maybe I'll try sometime.

  2. We've had unusually wonderful weather here in Oregon, USA.. but it got cloudy today -- just in time to ruin us seeing the solar eclipse! Hope you get warmer weather. I play WWF too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thank goodness for a hot cup of tea. Let's hope that warm weather actually materialises, it is looking promising just at the moment.

  4. I am going to guess that the phone was left in a pocket, and not by you!! Just how half a packet of cinnamon lozenges found it's way into my washing machine yesterday! Thank you for the link to my blog. :)


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