Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Scavenger Hunt for May

Hi  there.

Here's my Scavenger Hunt for May.

1. Good things.  In the garden full of sunshine, with a cup of tea, ipad and some crochet to do.
2.  Small packages.  A small package of time, quick bit of knitting in the playground with no children around before I had lunchtime duty on the school field ~ bliss!
3. Fragrance.  My 'Geoff Hamilton' rose.  Yummy!
4. Station.  St Pancras ~ the Eurostar trains are behind glass.  Sadly I wasn't using them.
5.  Nose.  Struggled a bit with one!  My Red Nose Day magnetic car nose from several years ago.  It lives on the fridge.
6.  Front Page.  The Olympic Torch on it's way through Stroud.
7. Nine.  Nine of the eggs given to me by a colleague. Wish I had hens.
8. Beverage.  A hot cup of tea at a cold cricket game.
9.  Currency.  The Euros at the back of the kitchen drawer. 
10. Historic.  The British Camp (Iron Age Earthworks) on top of the Malvern Hills.  Couldn't see much, just clouds.

11. Yellow.  Gloucestershire has turned yellow with oilseed rape.  This is the view from our classroom window ~ not bad!
12.  Do you see what I see?  Last weekend maybe your bit of the world looked like this too.

So there we are.  Hope you like them, I'm off to check out the other Scavenger Hunts.


  1. Lovely photos I especially like the idea behind a small package of time!

  2. Lovely post, it's been a good month!

  3. What lovely photos. I do like the first one, it looks like a nice place to be! :)

  4. Great photos, especially the beverage!

  5. Nice photos - I love the last one; I had the same thought but your sky looks fab against that stunning orange :-)

  6. Great photos. I like your take on good things and small packages - vey clever.

  7. Lovely photos - I like your nose and the last one too!

  8. Love your choices - the last one is my favourite.

  9. Super photos - I like your take on small packages. Also like your idea for good things and the photo for historic. We all had that lovely blue sky last weekend. Shame it didn't last a while longer!

  10. Great photos, I like your yellow and do you see what i see shots.

  11. How wonderful it would be to see a bit of blue sky! It's almost 'now you see it, now you don't' in Norfolk at the moment. Lovely to be reminded of it! Ellen

  12. Tea and a bit of crochet sonds like a very good way of passing the time :-)


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