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Monday, 20 August 2012

Knitting and Crochet

Hello All.
Back to the important things in life.  
Knitting and Crochet.
I have completed some things over the last few weeks.
This crochet bunting was for The Phoenix Summer Swap. 
 The swap was to the value of £5.00, so some bunting seemed to fit the bill.  I added some smellies and chocolate to the parcel too.
The parcel I received.  The crochet doggy makes me laugh.
My Ravellenic Socks were finished in the closing ceremony.  These became a trial towards the end and it's entirely possible that one leg is shorter than the other.  I'm not sure why they became a chore, I wonder if it is because there was a deadline.  Deadlines for me, take the pleasure away.  I am totally capable of knitting a pair of socks in a couple of days ~ less if the family don't want feeding~ but these glared at me from their bag and I didn't want to do them.
Anyhoo, all finished now, in the drawer waiting for cold weather.
Talking of the weather, it's been hot and sticky, not much sun with many rainy downpours.
I've started a 'Lucy Bag' using Rowan All Seasons Cotton which my friend Romain gave me. 
 It is aran weight so crochets up quickly.  I wasn't happy about the colour joins, you can see them on the base of the bag.
For the sides of the bag I'm joining for the new colour in any place on the round rather than at the start.  This gives I think a much better finish.
Funnily enough Fiona at KnitKnotKnatUK  has just completed a wonderfully bright bag.  Pop over and have a look.  I have actually met her in real life.  She's a proper person, not just virtual.  Through her I've come across some lovely blogs which I've popped into my side bar.  The first one being Miss Magpie Makes, she lives on the South Coast ~ lucky thing ~ and she makes beautiful things, just look at the blanket on her front page.  The second being Cozy Things, anyone who yarnbombs their own back yard has respect from me.  She also has a made a lovely Beach Stripe Surf Blanket. One look and I was smitten.

I had planned to make a blanket with the colours from this Cath Kidston Tesco bag.  I started it but it wasn't doing it for me, so it's been unravelled.
I started a Beach Stripe Surf Blanket instead.  I've pulled out that acrylic that was left over from my Summer Granny Blanket,  hooked on (?) and I'm off.
Five stripes done so far.
One of the stripes is beige.  I wouldn't usually be using beige, but as it turns out it's not too bad.
I even considered white at one point but that turned out to be a mistake.
 The sharp eyed among you might notice that the blanket had been photographed on my steamer chair.  Yesterday it was actually sunny although the day started like this, muggy and hot. 
 The big orb in the sky broke through about lunch time and I took the opportunity to have some hooky time.  DD was spending the day with her BF and DS was cycling in the woods and leaping around like a lunatic on the neighbours' trampoline.  It was lovely and quiet.  Bliss.

DS arrived back with his socks looking like this "The grass next to the trampoline had been cut" and later on that evening a cold sore appeared on my lip.  For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.  *Sigh*
If you have any tips for the socks, other than throw them away, let me know.

Righto, I'm off now.

Have fun...................Clicky Needles.

Oh I forgot!  The french house blog has started.  That was fast wasn't it?   I amaze myself sometimes.


  1. I know I have met you too IRL a proper person ;) The bag joins are really annoying, I joined in a new place on every round on the base but I knotted off each colour and it's too lumpy in the cotton...we learn from our mistakes! My bag is hanging behind me still waiting to be lined. Love the bunting....and I am totally in love with the beach stripes blanket too..can't start yet otherwise I will look like I am crochet stalking you!! Look, rain has stopped in the 5 Valleys, wasn't yesterday fantastic :) thank you for all the inspiration. Fiona xx

    1. I'm amazed more people haven't made this blanket ~ I love it. Come on hook-on you know you want to!!!!

  2. I love your color choices, the blanket is looking great and the socks are so pretty!

  3. I am just on the cusp-- well maybe hiding behind the cusp of making my first pair of socks ever. I am usually a confident person but I fear all this will end in tears. But you have inspired me so I might/should put my nose over the nest and get going.I am enjoying your blog. Thank You
    Kindest Regards Linda

    1. Hi Linda!

      Don't get me wrong I LOVE knitting socks. I just don't like a deadline.
      Once you've made a pair you will not look back. Go for it girl!

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for popping by my blog and leaving me a comment and then I see you have mentioned me here; I'm so chuffed, thank you!

    I too have been thinking about a 'Lucy Bag' but I've got to be strict with myself about the WIP pile!

    I love your blog and look forward to reading more.

  5. Greetings CN!
    I found your blog and lost it and now have found it again as I end my first year of blogging :)

    I was a teaching assistant in an elementary school in NY, USA, and I am almost 20 years older than you with 4 grown children and 5 grands, 2 boys and 3 girls.

    Although I have not read all of your posts [yet] I look forward to reading more and have signed up to follow you here and in France :)

    Your needle work that I have seen is lovely.

    Should you have the time, you are invited to visit my blog and learn more about me and mine and the world around us.

    Looking forward to your posts,
    Gracie :)

  6. I'm just catching up on all your news, the house in France looks so exciting, as do all your projects in fact! Look forward to reading more.


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