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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Our Trip to France Part 2

Hello All.

If you've got to know me over the past few years you'll know when I promise 'Part 2 tomorrow' it's not going to be tomorrow.  It's Wednesday today and Part 1 was Sunday but there you go.
  Today it's pelting it down with rain and very dingy, so I've no excuse not to get on.  I've opened all the curtains wide in an effort to get a bit more light in but it's not really happening.

Here's some of the sights we saw the other week.
This magnificent chateau is at La Clayette. This picture was taken from the campsite, we had a very pleasant evening stroll around the lake.
 I think I like Burgundy so much because it is quite agricultural which takes me back to my childhood.  Tractors and combines were all over the place, hard at work harvesting.  There are lots of Charolais cattle, which are a bit too muscular for me ~ not a pretty as some English ones ~ but a nice bit of beef anyhow.
 La Clayette was having a Show Jumping Event and this horse and jockey sculpture was on a roundabout at the edge of town.
 We came across some interesting insects.
This blue butterfly was really difficult to photograph, every time I got near he flew away.
 A damsel fly on the tent guy rope.
 A lovely lizard on our front gate.  
'Our gate' still can't quite believe the house is ours!
 DS had fun playing with the grasshoppers.
And his best discovery, this amazing spider.  The spider stayed there for several days, I wouldn't mess with him, how about you?
We visited La Maire (The Mayor) of Montmelard in his office behind the war memorial, to introduce ourselves and to check if we needed planning permission the work we're wanting to do.
Thankfully B has been doing Conversational French evening classes, I could just make out what he was saying but she did marvellously well and chatted away to him.  He did look hopefully at us and ask when we would be finished.  I did my best Gallic shrug.
So a last few hours of de-spidering and sweeping and we were off.
On the return trip we stopped for a picnic lunch at an Aire, a motorway rest stop with a toilet.
There are vineyards all around.
The driving was uneventful as we were guided along by Cyril the Sheep but by the time we were in Northern France up ahead was looking a bit dark.
Oh yes.
The sun tried to put in an appearance, but only made things worse.
Although the rainbow was nice.
 Back onto the train to arrive before we left. 
 Left 10.00pm arrived 9.30pm.
Maybe Dr Who should just ride the tunnel to time travel. 
 So there we are.

I'm going to start a new blog up to chart the progress on the house who knows when that will be? 
You know what I'm like.............

Have fun.
Bye for now.........Clicky Needles.

P.S. It's now so dark I'm having to put the lights on. *sigh*


  1. Yes today is a blog writing day in deepest darkest Gloucestershire, isn't it foul! Your insect photos are fantastic, perserverence paid off. I am looking forward to the house blog...I did the same but it has evolved into our rental blog too. If you are interested it's I couldn't include the disasters and panics the first year as we had guests booked to stay! I can assure you there have been many!

    Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

    PS Tomorrow, next week, whenever is good with me, I have the same philosophy.

  2. Oh time travel :) How it makes me smile. Clever quip for Dr. Who!

  3. Loved sharing in your french adventure, thanks for posting some more pics - couldn't be more jealous apart from maybe the spider?

    Now sat reading blogs in gloomy gloucester - was hoping to write a post but inspiration seems to have wondered off with the sunshine!

  4. How lovely to be starting on this adventure! I have friends who spend half of the year in their french house in Frecy, just to the west of La Clayette - you are so lucky!

  5. Oh boy.. can't wait to see more of the house. I'm back from camping and have put up photos.. hope you come to visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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