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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Knitty Update

Hello again.

I hope I didn't bore the pants off you with yesterday's post,  and as promised no mention of aircraft  at all today.

So what have I been knitting?

My Abalone waistcoat has been growing at a rate of knots.  Well it's Aran weight and 5mm needles so it has flown.
Only one slight problem.   I've completed the main body and I'm now ready to pick up for the sleeve cuffs and the front edging and I've run out of yarn.
As I mentioned before it's British Breeds Jacob Grey Aran.     I got the yarn 4 years ago and I'm not going to be able to match it, so I've gone for some light Grey Suffolk Aran in a total contrast.
I've been for a quick 'click' ;-) and it should be winging it's way to me soon.
Whilst waiting for the Grey Suffolk I think I'll take the opportunity to block it as it's rolling a lot.
When I was in Stroud the other day I popped into Shaw's the Drapers and found they had some more lime green and grey Marriner Double Knit in stock.  This is the yarn I use for making blankets; 150g and £1.70 per ball, so a bargain.  The blanket is looking ok but a zing of lime green is really going pep it up, the grey is a new colour as well.  
 I haven't done much for  a while but the new yarn is spurring me on, I can't wait to get the green in.
I thought you might like to see this flower.  It's my Shoe Horn plant so named because the leaves are flat like ~ yes you've guessed it ~ a shoe horn.  The flowers really look weird. 
That's about it for today I think.
Autumn is drawing in, the leaves are turning and we've started lighting the woodburner to keep the chill off in the evening.

 I'm giddy with excitement because next Sunday is Ally Pally, Knitting and Stitching Show.  
I can't wait.

As always have fun.
Bye for now...............Clicky Needles.


  1. You could never bore me with air-planes!

    I like the idea of contrasting sleeves, makes it more of your own garment.

    That's a really bonkers flower...

  2. Quick thinking on the sleeves batman. My first throw was Shaws DK, it was horrible, no idea if it was branded as bought years ago. I had been wondering how the beach stripe was coming on, it is gorgeous. have a nice time at Ally Pally Fiona

  3. Your needles are busy indeed! Thanks for sharing your projects and your unique flower! My latest project was posting a tutorial of sorts about weaving a friendship bracelet from a pattern I got at a local fiber festival a few weeks ago. Hope you have a happy week! x from Gracie

  4. Lovely colors in your blanket! So moody and quiet. :)

    1. I was trying to go for bright and cheerful. Kristen, like yours!
      Oh well, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lovely blanket but it was definitely lacking in the lime green department !!! I have just got back from Ali Pali, went one whole day plus a half..excellent show as always and succumbed to more yarn than intended...also bought a kit to knit a you do!!! Have a great trip.


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