Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February Scavenger Hunt


Here's February's Scavenger Hunt offerings from me.  I went to France in half term so quite a few are from there.

Red.  Café de France in La Clayette, looking cold.
14. 13 flowers on my cyclamen and 1 bud.
A kiss.  Demonstrated by my DS.
Something heart shaped.  Cakes in a patisserie in Macon. Yummy.
Something found nowhere else.  Lovely colourful houses around Bristol Harbour.
 Frozen.  Friend J's swimming pool in the snow.  No thanks!
 Park Bench.  French style!
 Glass.  Beautiful stained glass window made by J.
Shopping trolly.  Again French style.
Shadow.  A stunning bronze cockerel and his shadow in a gallery.
Breakfast.  Porridge, I have it most days.
 Bus.  Snapped whilst walking the dog.

That's me for February. 
 Pop over to Madewithlove to see the rest. 


  1. Love the photos, they almost make me feel like I've been on a trip to France with you. :-)

  2. Very fun photos, I have been to Paris, but I long to see the rest of France.
    Hugs to you,

  3. You're an early bird! Love your French photos, especially those heart shaped cakes.

  4. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed seeing some of what you have been seeing :)

  5. Lovely photos. You are so lucky to spend so much time in France.

  6. A great group of photos for the Scavenger Hunt, I like the swimming pool so cold and the shopping trollie is like nothing I have seen, but the park is great. Glad you are having fun taking the photos. Greenthumb.

  7. Great pics - loving the look of the heart shaped cakes :)

    I am almost there with my pics - hopefully I'll get the rest today/tomorrow - Feb is just too short!!

  8. Merci! I really enjoyed your selection of photos with a French flair. A wonderful chance to see another part of the world and catch the sights through your camera lens. Lovely heart cakes, but I must admit when I first glanced at them I thought they were false teeth! ;) Great shadow photo, and very helpful for DS to pucker up for the occasion.

  9. Great great photos and I like that unusual shopping trolley. The cakes look divine too. Mmmm

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  11. Great photos there, what a fabulous shopping trolley! Love the hearts but at first I must admit I thought they were false teeth!!! No hope for me! :) x

  12. Great photos. I love those colourful houses and the cakes look delicious!

  13. Lovely photos- including a whistlestop tour of France too! An added Bonus- Well done :)

  14. Hi there, I've found your blog through the Scavenger Hunt photos! I see you live in the same neck of the woods as me! I look forward to keeping up with your projects...I like the idea of the monthly mosaics, Claire

  15. Love your photos. The heart shaped cakes look divine :-)

  16. Those cakes are mouthwatering and I like the stained glass window.


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