Scavenger Hunt

Friday, 15 February 2013

January Scavenger Hunt

Here's January's ~ rather late ~ Scavenger Hunt Pictures.
Some of the pictures have blurred into February, but I'll be more disciplined in future!

Yes it was.
Cosy fire with the Christmas decorations still up :-).
Taken in February ~ sorry! ~ departure times for the EuroTunnel.
A yummy cake.
Easy, our house number.
Produce de France ~ Flan.  Eaten before train departure. Yum.
My Calico plate.  I've only got one, wish I had a dinner service.
Our new mailbox outside our 'project' in France.
Upwards from the front of our house.
In our 'pond' ~ well, tin bath really.
In Macon, France, grape harvest.
A really pretty door, to my hairdresser!
Why not pop on over to Made with Love to see the others.


  1. Lovely photos - you got a lot more snow than we did! I need to get to grips with my 50-photos challenge for 2013. I've barely glanced at the list of words and have only taken two photos so far.

  2. Fun photos! I bet you're wishing for Spring too.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger Hunt, a lovely group of photos that cakes looks so good and it must have been very cold. Thanks Greenthumb.

  4. Lovely photos and better late than never! Loving the Calico plate.x

  5. Great photos, your Calico plate is lovely.

  6. I enjoyed seeing the world around you through the lens of your camera! It is still pretty chilly here, but sunny today, and I can see some five inch tall daffodil leaves popping up by one of our trees near the house in the front yard! [I especially like your calico plate too :-)] xx, Gracie

  7. Great set of photos. The cake looks mouth wateringly gorgeous and like the view.


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