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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Too Many Projects!

Hello Folks.

As promised, here I am back with knitterly goings on.

First of all my purchases from the Plassard Yarn Shop.
Granitée, a wool alpaca mix 11 balls.
Pastorale, wool acrylic mix, 11 balls.  I loved the colour of this.
All the following from the bargain bin :-)
Single ball of Pichenette, mohair.
4 balls of Graphic, no ball bands.
Three balls of Schoeller and Stall Zermatt,

and lastly a single ball of Baroque a loosely spun chunky yarn.

This has already been turned into a rib hat.  I used every last cm of yarn.
I seem to have fallen well off the 'only one large project and one small project' wagon.  Oh dear.

I started this waistcoat as car knitting, whilst not driving through France.
Most of the back is now done.
I've still got the green Olivia Jumper OTN.  I've finished the back, a sleeve and started the front.
I started an alpaca sock.  I dyed the yarn myself.
I've also started a very simple, garter stitch T-shape jumper with the Pastorale, 7mm needles, so shouldn't take long.
Also a pair of scrappy socks, two stripes of each yarn, changing yarn as I fancy. 
 This does leave lots of ends but I'm weaving in; across the top of the foot, as I go.
So all in all, nowhere near two items.  I find if I have too many things on the go I don't seem to finish any of them, so fingers crossed.

My Mum has also been making uterus and baby hats ~ thanks Mum.
This week my class went to Bristol for a look round the harbour and a sail on The Matthew, a replica of John Cabot's ship which sailed to Newfoundland 500 years ago.  It was bitterly cold but we had a good time.
A bronze of John Cabot.
The ropes always fascinate me.

We sailed past Brunel's SS Great Britain.
Up and down the harbour.
Colourful houses, new
and old.
A lone seagull in Millenium Square, walking on water.
He looks as cold as we were.
A good day out but sooooo cold.  If my teacher suggests a day out in February again, I'll put my foot down!

I need to get sending tea out for the Tea Swap, organised by LucyintheSky, not even got round to that yet.   I've had two packages from The States already!

So, that's about it for now, best I get knitting!
Have fun.

Byeeeee...................Clicky Needles.


  1. Hey friend.. lots of new yarn and projects, fun! Did you tell me what a uterus is.. the knitted kind? We're having a sunny day here and are going to visit our sons and grandsons soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hiya!

      Do you remember that my DD went to Ethiopia with SIL last year? The uterus are for teaching purposes for the midwives to use.

  2. Boy you have a lot on the needles, so many wonderful projects. Love the yarn you dyed yourself. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Oh my you have a lot of knitting to do, but such fun while you're doing it! The socks looks like such fun. Beautiful pictures of your trip, but it does look very cold.

  4. Oh it looks like you have so much knitting on the go at the moment, and it looks like a great day out.

  5. I don't know how you cope with so many projects, I know I never would.

    I used to go to Bristol a lot before I moved out of Wales, I expect it has changed enormously since then. Nice to see pictures of it.

  6. What a lot of knitting! I loved the Pastorale colour as well. I try to make all the hats differently. I bet the children loved sailing on the Matthew - quite an experience! Can you imagine that cold and wind and waves all the way to America? Soon be March and spring time. Just found how to see the Scavenjer pics. Lots more pics to look at. ooh I'll be all day looking. dojo x

  7. You naughty girl and all those wips ;) what a lot of woolly bargains. You have been gallivanting around my local haunts, I need to get exploring now I live so close to Bristol harbourside!

    1. Hi there! I'm going back on a SUMMERS day! Sitting in a cafe eating and drinking will be lovely!

  8. I am glad to hear you received tea swap packages! I hope one you received was one I sent. :) I was wondering if it ever got to you. It is nice to read your posts again.

  9. WOW for all your fiber projects!!! Thanks for all the great photos of your travels as well. You inspire me.
    xx, Gracie


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