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Friday, 25 April 2014


Hello there!

Our trip to France was good, we got lots of work done, have to look here to see the first instalment.

Master Clicky had a fun week with Gran and Grandad Clicky, they had him helping out around the house, mowing the lawn ~ with the petrol lawnmower obviously much better than a Flymo ~ and visiting local attractions.

I got lots of knitting done whilst travelling through France. 
I made 2 more stripy socks for my collection.
I forgot how I was not making the joins show and as you can see from the blue one, they are noticeable.  This is not bothering me too much though, because after all they're only socks. 
I've not actually worn any of the socks yet, as the winter we have had has been so mild, wooly socks have not been needed.  Instead I have been making wooly stacks of stripeyness.   There is something very pleasing to me about my socks.  You understand.
I'm having a knitty weekend, on Saturday I'm going to my knitting group and on Sunday I'm off to Wonderwool on a coach trip.  I can't believe it has been a year since the last one.

Happily, Miss Clicky, who took her driving test this week passed first time.  She is very pleased with herself and now looking for a car.

That's about me for now, I really should be working on the school website and not chatting to you, so I'll say goodbye.  

See you soon.............Clicky Needles


  1. I completely understand about the socks! I'm just writing out a lacy design...


  2. Hello there, just catching up. Your socks look great! Glad that you had a good time away and hope that you are having a good weekend too. xx

  3. I love your socks!!! and I understand. lol. Lucky you to visit France. Living in Australia takes you hours and hours to visit anywhere...but of course, very worth it once you get there. Congratulations to Miss Clicky on passing her driving test, good for her. Happy knitting.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. Those are gorgeous! I LOVE the stripes!


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