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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Hi There!
Back to school for two weeks and the bugs have started flying around.
Me and my fellow three other Lunchtime Supervisors have all managed to be ill with colds/headaches/sore throats. We've decided that it would be better if we did not speak to each other. The four of us have all had to have some time off in the last week.
I had a very quiet day yesterday just sitting on the sofa ~ wearing ~ yes you've guessed it The PJs wrapped up in my nearly finished Wavy Blanket feeling sorry for myself.
The Blanket has grown a bit.
Very nearly there!
This weekend DD was putting some practice in for her Duke Of Edinburgh's Silver Award. She spent a day in the Forest of Dean and camped overnight and then down to the Black Mountains for navigation.
On Saturday Mr Clicky Needles, me and DS had some time out in the Cotswolds and were lucky enough to see a Spitfire, DC3 and probably the best of all a Vulcan flying to commemorate Battle of Britain day.
Sunday was lovely too as the rellies came down from London to meet us all for lunch. Great to see them.
DD arrived home in one piece as well!
On the knitting front I've nearly finished this tank top ~ a throw it on over the top affair for a bit of extra warmth ~ it's chunky yarn ~ I'm going for quick projects at the moment.
In the garden this agave is flowering and looks stunning.

Hopefully that slipover will be finished when I post next, and maybe the purple Cardi too!
Bye for now Clicky Needles.


  1. Oohh!! Your blanket is gorgeous! Just the thing for lying on the sofa in your jammies when you're not well. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I'm waiting for my cold to start - I've never known a start of term like it with so many kids coming back to school with coughs and colds!


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