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Friday, 3 September 2010

A Quick Ta-Dah

Hi there.
I've got time for a sneaky Friday post.
I have a cushion to show.
I saw a similar cushion in Laura Ashley home for sale at £45.00, so I set about making one.
It is knitted in Cygnet Seriously Chunky which does what it says on the tin, and is 50cm square.
It took 6 balls and I used 12mm needles.
I'm very pleased with it ~ lovely and squishy and warm too. It may end up in Des Bon Amies I think.
Talking of good friends we're off camping with B,S and J today squeezing the last drop of sunshine out of the summer. As I type the car is packed to the gunnels and I'm just waiting for Mr Clicky Needles to return from work and the kids to come home from school and we'll be off!

DS had his first day at Big School yesterday which he says 'was easy' ~ he enjoyed it a lot and more importantly managed not to get lost.

With camping in mind I popped into town after work yesterday to buy some Primark PJs as I have been feeling the cold of late whilst camping.
Not are they only really, really warm they have glitter buttons and silver edging cord.
I do have to warn people heading for camp sites near Oxford however, I will be wearing them with pride ~ possibly all day!!
The Postie Step got finished this week and I planted down the sides with grasses that had self seeded around and about. We're quite proud of it!!!!
So much better than what went before.
Another project finished off ~ DD's mosaic that she made when she a few nights staying with B. B made this lovely mosaic at Les Cerisiers.
It's taking pride of place by the bubble pool, which I sat next to last evening ~ on the steamer chair ~ while I sewed up my cushion. The sky was beautiful and the sun was warm ~ although I did have to keep moving my chair as it dropped from sight.
Hoping for a good weekend whatever you're doing.
See you soon. Clicky Needles.

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  1. I love your cushion - did you make up the pattern yourself? The mosaic is lovely - something I've always fancied trying! And what can I say about your PJs?!!!! They look rather festive and Christmassy! (Aaaaaaaaargh, I've said the 'C' word and I've only been back at school one day!) Hope you have a good weekend.


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