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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Brrrrrrrrr! Sunday 28th November

Cor it's cold.
No snow for us for a change but lots of ice and it's teeth chatteringly cold.
DS's rugby was cancelled today as the pitch was frozen.
We've been doing the only thing you can in the circumstances ~ make brownies, light the wood burner and stay toasty warm.

I've got a TA~DAH.
The Herdwick Jacket is finished. As you can see the sleeves stayed on in the end.
I am really liking this one.
As I'm sure I mentioned before the yarn (Nature's Way Chunky) came from Kemps and this has cost me ONLY £12.00 to make. I think I shall be wearing it to work tomorrow as we are predicted a high of 1 degree.
The Chunky Waistcoat is finished and blocking and I've started another waistcoat, in King Cole Riot ~ a self striping yarn and in a totally different colour palate than I'm used to. This is very Autumny, I'm not entirely sure that I like it but we shall see when it's finished.
This Saturday was the last meeting before Christmas of the Butterfly Garden Knitters. We had some mulled wine, a beautiful Christmas cake and nibbles.
We also had a stash clear out and sale ~ and managed to raise an amazing £237 for the Butterfly Garden. I will show you tomorrow what I got.

It is with great sadness that we found out today that Bertie, B and S's dog died. He had a tumour on his heart. In spite of his slightly fierce appearance he had a very gentle nature and was a lovely boy.
I'm so sorry B and S, he will be missed by us too.
On that sad note I'll say bye for now. Clicky Needles.

P.S. Several people have said to me they are unable to leave comments on my blog. You will need a google account to do this. Google haha! 'Google accounts' and set yourself an account up. They will send you an email which you then click on to verify. You can then change your profile and add a name that you'd like to be known by. After that you can add a comments to blogs by selecting google account and doing the weird letter recognition thing. Hope this helps!

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