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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Missed another post.

Hello there.
How rubbish am I?
Another Sunday post missed.
Well to be honest there's not a lot for me to tell at the moment.

The Warwick Castle Trip managed to stay dry, although it was a bit windy.
It was a fabulous place to visit, history was brought to life by the guides dressed in full costume and full of information.
Everyone children and adults alike enjoyed it very much.

This weekend was a quiet one - Mr Clicky Needles, me and DS went into Stroud for a meander around and came back with some yummy cakes from a local baker.
We had a load of wood delivered so we're very toasty of an evening now.
I also decided that a chimney sweeping would be a good idea. I do enjoy sweeping the chimney ~ partly because it takes me back to when I was a little girl watching my Dad do it.
As it turned out it wasn't too sooty, but a job worth doing nevertheless.
I popped into Along Came Polly on Friday and bought some yarn ~ a new delivery to ACP
~ Stylecraft Life Super Chunky.
I had had a pattern lined up for some time so was delighted when this came in. I got home and cast on straight away and then stopped and gave myself a good talking too.
As I mentioned last week I'm in two Christmas swaps and I really should be getting on with sorting them out. So I stopped the casting on and got down to the swaps.
I've nearly got the knitting for the Secret Santa Swap finished and I'm loving it.
Of course, I can't let you know anything about this ~ although I'm itching to share.

Friday night saw us going to the school bonfire and fireworks night.
It was raining as we left home but when we arrived the cloud had also sat on this particular bit of the Cotswolds so visibility was only about 30 metres.
No great for fireworks then.
Not that mattered too much because everytime we tried to look upwards we got a face full of rain.
My mulled wine gave me small comfort but the rain kept making plop, plop, plop sounds in it.
By the time I'd reached the bottom it was cold and watered down.
We tried to stay cheerful as we watched the cloud glow very prettily but it was such a disappointment.
We came home, changed into PJs and cuddled up by the fire.

A confession.
I got this really vibrant ball of Grundl Hot Socks yarn at ACP too - am thinking another Baktus maybe. (I've had my eye on this for a while.)
See ~ I told you not much had happened!
Hope it isn't too windy with you this week.
Bye for now Clicky Needles.

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  1. That bun looks delicious!! And all your new yarn is lovely, especially the sock yarn.


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