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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Nose to the Grindstone Again.

First of all an apology.
No blog this weekend but there is a jolly good reason for this.
B and I were hoping to be going to France to sign papers (and take possession of) our little house.
Everything is with Le Mairie and sadly, at the moment staying there. So in the absence of a lovely girly trip B and S and Bertie came to stay with us instead.
B and me had a 'Fantasy' shopping trip to Ikea in Bristol and the boys stayed at home and did whatever boys do. We did get a few funny looks whilst in Ikea ~ there were lots of girly squeals when we saw furniture that would go perfectly in the house. It was also very reassuring that we both liked the same sort of things and did lots of agreeing.
We had a lovely time with B and S as usual.

I've been down to @Bristol with the KS1 children ~ I hadn't been before ~ if you're ever around Bristol (and who wouldn't be with the lovely Ikea and Get Knitted pretty close by) try and visit, it's really good.

We've another school trip tomorrow ~ this time KS2 to Warwick Castle so pray for the weather to hold please!
Half term is already feeling like a distant memory!

On the knitting front I've finished the Baktus Scarf which although I'm not wild on the colours
I do like. It stays put and doesn't move about too much.
I enjoyed making the Baktus so much I cast on for this shawl using some lovely Fabel sock yarn from Drops.
The yarn name is Candy Mix and I love it.
My Herdwick Jacket is on the making up stage and ......buttons....did someone say buttons?
No? Good. Not done.
I'm also taking part in two Christmas Swaps with the lovely folks on the Phoenix Forum but can't reveal anything about those.
Have fun whatever you're doing this week.
Bye for now Clicky Needles.

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