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Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Basket of Yarny Goodness.

Hello all!
Here we are, a preview for you!
All my yarn ready to go onto the website. I'm having some problems with the 'add postage' element, which is really frustrating for me, but hopefully I'll get it sorted soon.
I'm feeling a bit frazzled this week with work and home but I have managed a bit of the Autumn Cardi knit. Yes, I have decided that it is a cardi, I've done the fronts and back and still have 5 balls left so the sleeves are on the go. I hope to get it finished soon because I got some cotton for the pattern I showed the other day. I couldn't decide which was the best out of this 100% cotton in lime green .......
.......or this blue so I got them both.
The Sirdar Simply Recycled is made from 51% waste from T-shirt production and 49% acrylic. It feels lurvely and soft. A big incentive there to get the Autumn Cardi finished then. I've been REALLY good lately, not letting myself cast on for new things before finishing the current On The Needles Project.

Today has been a bit mad, our friends B and S dropped by on their way back to London from Wales, well they were passing, and a quick cup of tea turned into lunch. It was so lovely to see them and have our usual giggle.

Ah well, must sign off now.
As always have a super week............Clicky Needles.


  1. How do we get to your shop? Have you tried selling on Etsy? I put up a bunch of jewelry over the weekend. Love the look of that recycled yarn! Where did you get that??

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. Yes, were do we find your website? The yarn looks wonderful. I was to have done some dyeing today but spent the day knitting instead :)

  3. Oh that basket of sock yarn looks so, so tempting! But as you and I both know, I do have the odd ball or two to keep me going at the moment!!! Will you snitch on me if I buy some?!

  4. Hi Cath,
    Can you save the purple/lime green one for me since M got the last one!
    Like your yarn purchases...well why buy one when two lots will do.... and as you have been really good!!
    Have a great week.

  5. The shop site is - not much to see at the moment!

    I'll keep the purple and green for you Jen.

    JK, of course I wouldn't tell anyone!

  6. Mmm... that is yarny goodness! Good luck with your shop. :)

    I love your shopping style of buying both when you can't decide! The green is my favourite.

  7. I love the Classique. I have just discovered it in my local wool shop. I hope they produce more colours soon. The recycled stuff is great too.
    Good luck with your site. Sam

  8. The Sirdar recycled is knitting up really nicely also has a lovely drape.


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