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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday again!

Hello all.

Hope you've had a good week and got some of the sunshine that's been around.
Time for me seems to have whipped by ~ where does it all go?

Mr Clicky Needles picked up some more undyed yarn for me and this weekend has been spent making it look pretty. It's drying at the moment.

DS has been getting creative as part of a science project. He's made this volcano out of Mod-Roc which is a bit like the Plaster of Paris bandages used for broken bones. I gave him a hand painting it this evening.
I thought I should show you the extension at my school as I keep going on about it. Before half term it looked like this.......
..............and now this. The excitement is mounting!
Back to knitting!
I'm about half way through this waistcoat/cardi, in Stylecraft Signature Chunky, a bargain from (where else!) Kemps. I say waistcoat/cardi because I can't remember what I decided to make when I bought the yarn. I think I should have enough for a cardi ~ we shall see. Notice it says easy knit, which is about all I can manage at the moment ~ it's on 6mm needles so growing quickly.
I received February's squares in the Phoenix Friendship Blanket swap.
And so another week starts.

Oh! I nearly forgot. Did anybody notice JosieKitten's comment about sock yarn? She said she wouldn't tell us how much sock yarn was in her stash after I thought Louise's enough for 82 pairs was, well, a lot. Some come on JK ~ TELL US how many socks can you make? We all want to know.

Well I hope you have a good week.
Byeeeee.....Clicky Needles.


  1. I can't wait to see what your cardi is going to look like! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  2. Shan't tell! My lips are sealed!

  3. Ah...go on - it might make me count mine!


  4. Please....I would love it if you have more than I would make me feel so much better to know that I am not alone!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you were dyeing.

  5. Yes I agree with Louise.

    TELL US.

  6. OK - but I could be some time!!!!! If I don't emerge in the next 24 hours, please send out a search party, as I'm probably buried somewhere under a mountain of sock yarn!!!!!

  7. I have emerged from my yarn mountain, and if I say that I wish I was a centipede, then that might just give you a clue!! I got to 100, not including what's currently OTN!

    Ho hum, best not let Mr JK see this! LOL


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