Scavenger Hunt

Monday, 7 March 2011


Well everyone, just a very quick interim post.

JosieKitten has had a count and 'fessed up.

She has 100 pairs of socks to make.

Oh gosh.

Do you feel better Louise?

I wonder if M can come near?


  1. I do hope that I've made you all feel better about your stash! Now you know why I'm on a yarn diet!! (Well, sock yarn at least!)

  2. Wow indeedy!!! I am glad I have limited myself to only buying new sock yarn when I have a made pair on my feet :o)

  3. Blimey indeed!! :o Josie, you have made me feel better about my stash!

  4. Thanks for sharing :) Maybe this make my hubby feel better knowing that I am in good company!


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