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Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Lazy Week

Hello Folks.

Before I ramble on this week, I need to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who left comments  last week, they meant so much.  I mentioned I was feeling a bit meh about my little blog but not any more.  You really lifted my spirits.

I've spent the week chilling slowly most days, starting with breakfast in the sunshine, with a bit of knitting and ipad on the side.
In the bowl my usual, porridge.  
Even in the heat of the summer a hot steaming bowl of porridge gets me going and in theory (!) stops me snacking until lunch.
Next to our deck is this lovely rose which is filling the air with scent.
In the holiday mood I painted my toenails silver to match my sparkly flip-flops.
I did a bit of hooky too,  this is for a swap so I shouldn't show you too much yet.
All the while the sky has looked like this again.
Whilst I've been outside, I can hear the dull thud, thud of balers making hay at last and the rumble of combine harvesters taking off the barley.  A few happier farmers around here I think.

If I'm totally honest though it was a bit too warm at times, and that's saying something coming from me, I love hot weather.

 I cast on for my next project and got quite a long way through.  Little Green Indifference, a Top Down shrug pattern from the wonderfully entitled blog What? Another Hobby.  I'm making it in Stylecraft Life 4 ply and as I have 2 balls in the stash I'm going to make it into a cardi.  Well that's the theory, we'll see how it goes.  I'm a bit further on than this now, I've gone past the sleeves and I'm carrying on with the body.
 My other project if part of the Ravelry Ravellenic Games.  I'm knitting for Team Phoenix Knitters and cast on a sock during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. I thought The Ceremony was fantastic.  I particularly liked the way the beautiful countryside peeled back to reveal the Industrial Revolution.  The forged rings that joined in the sky were great but the star of the show for me was The Queen and James Bond.  What a trooper!
Well that's about it for now I think, next week's post will be a bit late ~ I'm on a quick hop to France with DS and my lovely friend B.  Tell you all about it then.

As always have fun.
Byeeeeee.................................Clicky Needles.


  1. A little lift up is all we need sometimes :) Glad you hear you had a happy lazy week.

  2. It sure looks like you're getting lots of knit and crocheting done.. good for you! I'm glad it's warmed up for you.. we are having cooler weather here. But off camping in a week and a few days! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the silver polish very co-ordinated! Up north the weather has been a bit rubbish but not this weekend barbecue party here we come. Style craft is fast becoming a fave of mine mainly because it does not cost a fortune and looks good. Have only uses special dk but it' s nice to see how your new project looks.


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