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Monday, 23 July 2012

Holidays and Yes! Some Sun At Last.

Hello all.

Holidays have arrived and about time too.

As I thought the two school trips I went on were wet to say the least.
The first, with the class I work with, was to Cattle Country.
They do a have few animals, this Gloucester Old Spot was in her element,
but it mainly involves throwing yourself down terrifying slides. 
Apparently this is Britain's biggest climbing net.
Before you ask, no I didn't do either.

The following day was with the little children in the lower end of the school.  
We went to a local farm, they had some lovely cows.  
You'll notice at this point the weather looks ok.
We needed to walk onto the wood where we were to spend the rest of the day den building, toasting marshmallows and camp scones over the huge camp fire and bug hunting.

We set off over the field and a hail storm hit.  We had to drag the bunch of 6 and 7 year olds across the field, trying our best to keep them dry but we all got soaked.
There were some very miserable people, to be fair mostly the adults. 
The wood was on the side of a sloping valley; by the time the whole group had bug hunted and made dens it was a quagmire.
This was fine for one little boy who invented the new sport of mud diving.  He was wearing full waterproofs and made use of them by flinging himself down the slope and sliding as far as possible whenever our backs were turned!
Here's one of the dens, with sunlight streaming through the canopy.  Just as we were about to leave thunder started to rumble.
Back across the field (slow progress) up the lanes and back to the bus.  The children had to remove their waterproofs and wellies before the driver would let them back on they were so muddy.

As soon as I got home I hopped into the bath, which is unheard of in the 'Summer' months and before I knew it I had fallen asleep!  I didn't drown and luckily when I woke the water was still warm.

So school has finished.  We've archived the old books, ripped down the displays and put up new backings, tried to tidy up a bit, let the children a bit loose (lots of play not much work) and said goodbye to the Year 6 children.  It's always a sad time to see them come in as 5 year olds and see them go as 11 year olds. 
 During the Leaver's service the words of the song 'One More Step Along The World I Go' is a killer.   
 The lines;  'And it's from the old I travel to the new, 
keep me traveling along with you,'  always make me cry when I think of them moving on.  

So now on the other thing. 
Mr Clicky and me went for our Sunday amble.
We live on the top of the hills and thought we would go down to the valley bottom and back up again.

We stopped on the way down to take in the views.  Looking across towards Minchinhampton Common. 
Carrying on downwards.
You can see how steep it is when you come back up!
We made it back home in one piece but with lots of panting and a few rests.

The garden is looking great in the sun,
this Eryngium, Miss Willmott's Ghost is as prickly as it looks,
such a shame no one has invented smelly vision yet,
pink lavender
and a knockout lily, the garden is filled with it's scent.

Knitting wise a Ta-Dah!!!!!!!

My Whale Watch Hat blocking.
The balloon looks fairly happy with it and so am I.  
I don't know if I will wear it as I don't really have the hair for hats ~ the curls just stick out at odd angles.
HillyT asked whether it was difficult.  Not difficult as such, just fiddly I think.
I'm very pleased with the colours, the original pattern used blue for the whales, but I think they look just as good in greeny/grey.
I've also got some more Friendship Squares ready to send.

So there we are, a bit of a lengthy post I'm afraid.  
I've been a bit meh! about my blog of late, I'm just ready for a rest I think.

As always have fun and enjoy the sun.

Bye for now.............Clicky Needles.


  1. Mm that's the trouble with rain in the countryside - eveything does get so muddy! But the sun is drying everything up now. The hat looks fab - whales are great. Praps the children will want to wear it in the cold snowwy winter you get on those hills. Oh sorry must enjoy the sun noew we've got it. dojo x

  2. A very enjoyable post. Marvellous hat, I wish I could knit!

  3. Sounds like you had a very squishy time of things on your trip. I know it can be sad but I hope that you enjoy your time now that school is over. What is next on your knitting agenda know that your cute whale hat is done? It does look very sweet :)

  4. Oh my I love that whale watch hat! I'm so glad to hear your weather is improving. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love the hat, but it will have to remain on my future list as I know I don't have the skills as yet.
    It is sad to see the older children move on but usually they are ready for their one more step, don't you find they seem to outgrow the place in the last term? It's a funny old thing.

  6. Don't we live in a lovely part of the world.... :) Fiona x


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