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Sunday, 8 July 2012

When Will This Rain Stop?


I know that we've been really lucky compared to some who are having to deal with floods, but I'm REALLY FED UP WITH THIS RAIN.
Sports Day has been cancelled.  
We've had lots of wet playtimes.
I keep getting wet feet.  (I hate that.) 
 DS and his friends can't go outside. 
Wet washing on the airer.
Then the tumble dryer going.
So now that's out of my system, on to better things.

I found this lovely cheery set of bowls in Asda this week.
 And some rather cheery oven gloves to match.
A Ta-dah!
My Copper Asymmetric Jumper finished at last, after 2 1/2 years.
Double rib, made in good old Stylecraft Life.
I really like the points on the cuffs.
It was languishing in the naughty corner.  When I got it out, I realised that the error which had made it go in there in the first place had already been fixed.
  (Maybe I did it in my sleep, can't remember.) 
Not the best photo I see, I'll be speaking to DS about that later.

The hat I showed you a few weeks ago is coming along nicely. 
 It's Whale Watch from New England Knits.
It's a mixture of 4ply yarn.
 The Rowan Yorkshire Tweed is lovely to work with ~ but it has been discontinued now.
Now, I could say that this is stashbusting, but really it's not.  
My lovely friend Romain had a bit of a clearout not too long ago and gave me a yarny bag of allsorts and these were in it.
I suppose I'm stashbusting for her.  
I'm loving this pattern, watching the whales emerge row by row.
What with the weather being so rotten I've been keeping up with the baking.
Yesterday I made Meringue Nests with some juicy seasonal strawberries.
I did venture into the garden through those showers and caught this double clematis.  There's lots more out there flowering but we seem to be missing it. :-(
 At school we're drawing to a close, a week and a half to go.
Things are getting a bit tired and ratty and yes, that's just the teachers.  
I've got two trips to go on this week, I might be wearing wellies!

 Right, that's me done for now.
Mr Clicky and me might try to get a walk in this afternoon ~ wish us luck!

Hope you have a fun week.

Bye for now.................Clicky Needles.


  1. Sorry about the rain. I really like all of your pictures, especially the whales. the colors are really nice and so is the pattern.

  2. I can so relate on the rain. Our June was the wettest on record. But have hope, our weather is now gloriously sunshiney and warm! Love all your baking and crafts - and your double clematis, too! Go for your walk, even in the rain you'll enjoy the outdoors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That hat is amazing, just lovely, I wonder whether I could make it, is it very difficult?
    The rain is, indeed, rubbish.


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