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Saturday, 2 February 2013

It's Gone Green Again.

Hello Folks

I'm pleased to report that Mr Clicky got home safe and well from Chicago, his flight back into Heathrow was delayed by 4 hours but again, he and his colleague managed to get a business upgrade so that helped a bit.

We had two days off school, one day in and then another off due to another drop of 6" of snow, so went back to square one.
Our drive had been cleared but was soon covered again.
  We had a disjointed week at school, the children took an age to get their wellies on and off ~ not helped by the fact that most of them had green Dunlop wellies with no name in ~ and when they at last they were outside they got too cold and needed to come back in.  We had a whole week of beautiful pristine snow and now......nasty grey rain and floods for some. 

When the staff arrived at school on Monday morning we found we had been broken into and the burglar had made a huge mess, luckily in the office rather than the classrooms. What he hoped to find in a small village school I don't know, but if he comes back now he's going to find a lot of angry people. Grrrrrr!

On the knitting front I had a go at some sideways socks.  
They're knitted flat with increases for the heel, then grafted up and toes and cuffs added later.  They got to grafting but have now reverted back to being a ball.  Why?  When I grafted it and tried it on there wasn't enough stretch and it  felt quite tight.  I had added a few rows but that didn't seem to make much difference so back to the normal socks now.

That's it for now, I'll see you soon because I have the Scavenger Hunt to finish.

Bye for now.......Clicky Needles.


  1. What a week you have had. I bet it is beautiful out even if you were snowed in for a bit. Glad your hubby is home safe.

  2. Oh yes, green Dunlop wellies - and mostly the same size too! You don't mention the soggy gloves and damps socks from having got snow in their boots, but I'm guessing you had those to deal with too!


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