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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hi there!

Lots to tell you today and some finished objects!

I'd quite forgotten how much fun sledging can be.
I joined the neighbours in the snow.  The kids all had a good laugh at me hurling myself head first down the road on the sledge and rolling off at the bottom in a big heap time after time.
From our bedroom window you can see the local sledging hill behind the tree line.  It's really steep and you can build up good speed there.  
I asked DS if was going, but he decided not to.  Partly because 'I've been before so I know what it's like' and partly because on Thursday evening he had some of his toenail removed.   Don't panic!!!  I'm not going to show you a picture but suffice it to say it's not that nice.  

He was very brave and didn't make any fuss even when three injections were put in.  The nail has come off in the past and grown back in a funny way so the best option was to remove part and hopefully this will sort it.

With the sledging over I found some icicles on a shed...
and then came in and made cake which was started straight away!
 Of course, I've been knitting and with the ethereal light, even got some halfway decent pictures.

I've very much enjoyed making these mittens from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders.  (I'm not sure why Amazon says it's £27, I certainly didn't pay that much.)  
I used a single ball of Rowan Felted Tweed dk, as I said before a lovely combination of wool and alpaca.  I changed the pattern slightly, didn't do the twisted rib, just the cable and reversed the cable on the second mitten so they went opposite ways.  I then did a 'sock toe' at the top rather than knit 2 together for a few rows as the pattern said so the top ~  to my mind ~ is a better fit.
I had this much left, so the perfect one skein project!
 All in all, a lovely pleasurable knit and I was so flattered that my colleague asked me to make them for her.
 With this snow ~ sorry to mention it again ~ I got a decent picture of my Beach Stripe Surf Blanket in the front garden...
 ...and in the Abalone waistcoat ~ although not the brightest of pictures as it was starting to get dark.
Yes, I dragged it out of the naughty corner and finished it off.
 Why was it in the naughty corner I hear you ask?  Well, the the main bit of knitting was a breeze but when I picked up the front border things went wrong.  The first attempt where I picked up one stitch per row was too loose and the second ok on the straight bit but too tight on the curves so in true fairy story style the third was just right.   It is British Breeds Jacob and the border British Breeds Grey Suffolk, really dense and warm, I can see this being a favourite.
 And lastly a bunch of 60p freesias I spotted whilst shopping the other night.  They smell fabby and have a special family meaning as both my Mum and me had freesias in our wedding bouquets. 
I hope you're keeping warm wherever you are, Mr Clicky is supposed to be flying into Heathrow from his Chicago business trip in the small hours of Monday so we'll see how that goes. 

Have fun.....Clicky Needles.


  1. Mr CN here, no snow in Chicago. Let us hope that London airport is open.

    1. Yes, let's hope so, it'll be good to have you back. X

  2. Isn't the snow lovely? I've literally just got back from sledging and had a brilliant time. Love the mittens.

  3. Ahhh fingers crossed Mr CN got home safe and sound!! x

  4. I love your mittens, the toe top makes a lot of sense!

  5. Hope Mr C.N. got back safely.

    Those mittens look just the ticket for this weather.


  6. Oh it looks like you have been having so much fun, great mittens.

  7. Wow, you are having a fabulous weekend full of fun, snow, cake, and knitting! Good for you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Lovely snowy picture and those mittens look fab - I have a real soft spot for Rowan Felted Tweed - gorgeous stuff!

  9. Good to see you having fun in the snow. Mittens look fab. Had a tear in my eye when I saw the freesia pic. and hope Mr C N gets back safely. dojo x

  10. You have been busy! I really like those mittens, the colour is lovely and they look very warm and cosy.

    Gillian x

  11. Hello Mrs. Clicky,
    Long time no speak, hope you and the clicky crew are all well :o) Love your FOs, and just wanted to say I would've had to reverse the cable on the mitts too! Been playing with colourwork mittens and found that reversing the colours on one hand and the other makes me very very happy :oD
    Have you thought about spinning any more?
    C x

    1. Spinning is going to wait until I have more time on my hands (!)

      Couldn't have left the cable as it was!


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