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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Perils of Subbing Yarn

Hello Folks.

Today I have a tale of a Temari Cardigan.  A pattern made in Fiberspates Scrumptious Aran a lovely combination of Merino and Silk.   My budget wasn't going to stretch that far, so I found some Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed instead.  I swatched, tension was fine.  I started to knit, everything was going well.  I've now nearly finished one of the sleeves and upon consulting the pattern I realise that it's longer than the pattern says in fact the body is longer too.
Oh whoops.  
Now, I can probably sort it out, but it needs brain power, something I seem to be lacking in at the moment, so into the naughty corner it has gone.
Whilst it is there I started that other project that was bubbling away in my mind.
It is Mon Petit Gilet by Isabelle Milleret.  
I didn't find the pattern myself, I was mooching through some favourites of fellow Butterfly Knitter, Feltaria on Ravelry, and came across it.  I thought about it for a whole day ~ can I really be bothered to knit a whole cardi in sock weight yarn? ~ and then ordered the necessary.
The main yarn is Drops Alpaca, lovely and soft.
The contrast stripes are Drops Delight,
the same yarn that I made my Fabulous Stripey Socks in.
Do you want to see?
Of course you do.
It's top down so the ribbing is the neck edge.
I am loving it so far, making me go a bit heart skippy.  
Back in the real world the sun has made a welcome appearance, and Miss Clicky and me have been having nice horse rides (her) and walks (me).  
On Saturday we passed a field with some Jacob Sheep in
went through an interesting gate
and passed some ducks dabbling in the village well.
The sunshine has seen me in the garden, I've mown the lawn and cut back lots of shrubs, it's looking a lot better.  I've also done loads of washing.  There is nothing quite like sun dried washing.

Lastly some tulips Mr Clicky bought me ~ they've all had the pin prick treatment so standing right up to attention ~ look how well they go with my clock and Christmas  pom-pom bunting.
That's me for now.
Have a good week.........Clicky Needles


  1. It looks like you had a nicer weekend than we did, weather wise. The wind was back again here and it was dull and overcast. What a shame about the cardigan, it's a lovely pattern though and I'm sure you'll sort it out.

  2. I love the purple cardi pattern, too, and am sorry it is not sizing up as you hoped. The new project is lovely, though, and looks like it will be soft and cuddling. I just posted a photo of our Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and some of the first of our almost Spring flowers. Happy Days to you and yours :) xx

  3. If it's knitted top down and you're happy with the look of the sleeves, then just stop when you think they're long enough -- or until they're the length you want minus whatever cuff you're supposed to knit. I've just downloaded the stripy cardigan pattern! I've got 8 balls of Regia Design Line in my stash that I've been thinking about making into a cardigan or sweater, but couldn't find a pattern. Now, thanks to you, I have :)

    1. Pleased to be of service Christine! Yep, Termari should be easy to fix, but right now I can't think about it!


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