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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brooch Swap

Hello Folks!

You may remember me saying I was taking part in a Spring Brooch Swap organised by Jo at Three Stories High.  

Me and my swap partner Amy have exchanged our brooches.
I had two beautifully wrapped parcels and inside.......
 ....two lovely brooches.  One sparkly pink crochet brooch and one made with bright spring ribbon.
The centres are vintage buttons and Any has backed both with a disc of felt, which I think is a cracking idea and I shall be doing with any I make from now on.
I've had a go at making a ribbon one similar and I think you need the patience of a saint and possibly another hand to get it looking good.  I have worn both and had lots of lovely comments.

  After having a mooch around Amy's blog I picked up that she liked blue, so the one I sent her was mainly blue Unfortunately the choccy chick got squashed in the post ~ but apparently still tasted the same.
If you want to see some of the others you can find the list here

Thanks so much Amy, I love my brooches!

See you soon............... Clicky Needles


  1. You all are so clever, Mrs. C. :) Thanks for showing the brooches...I've never made one, but love seeing what you two have made! xx

  2. I'm so glad that you like them! Hope that you have fun with making some for yourself. Lots of pins and patience is what you need! Thank you again for mine! xx

  3. Love the look of the brooches.

  4. Wasn't it fun to swap and then look at everyone else's.


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