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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Stripy Socks

Hi there!
Time seems to be marching on relentlessly, November is over!  I seem to have been caught out, maybe because it's not got cold.  
Our trip to France had some ups and downs but on the whole it was good fun.
I got loads of sock knitting done, not being a driver on this trip.  I have started to use the Drops Delight Sock Yarn I bought at Ally Pally.
I'm using two colours, a neutral tone and a colour to make stripy socks.
The green tones were on the journey down.....
.... and on the return journey I'd finished the green one and  progressed on a much brighter colour way.
I love the colours in this.

 I'd forgotten how addictive sock knitting can be, I keep doing one more row for the next colour stripe.

We're going to be hitting Christmas with a vengeance at school this week.  We're decorating the classrooms and I'm donning my wellies and going onto the school field with a saw to cut a Christmas tree for the entrance into our classroom area.  Christmas songs can be heard through the classrooms from the younger children practising hard for their nativity play.

Lastly I'll leave you with a  picture of Tipper.  Mr Clicky had to see one of the neighbours, Tipper sat on the stairs so he was the right height to see through the window when Mr Clicky came back.  I'm not sure he looks comfy!
So that's me for today, I'll see you again soon. 
As always have fun........Clicky Needles. 


  1. That yarn looks like candy for my eyes, so fun! Good luck on the socks and this week at school.

  2. Looks like you have been busy, lovely colours of yarn.

  3. Lovely sock yarn! I hope you have a delightful time celebrating Christmas in the coming days, Mrs. C. My daughter's dog has a favorite lookout post near the stairs but Tipper is more creatively arranged, I think :)
    Gracie xx

  4. Your yarn looks beautiful, I must investigate new yarns for socks. I am just finishing the first of a pair that I started in Scotland, in May. The yarn is not my favourite, it gets thin then thickens up and it is very stiff. I shall keep going now that I have the bit between my teeth.

  5. Hellooo again. Thank you for your message. Just so you know I haven't received your email so can't post or return my address. Here goes Hopefully we will get there at some point. Loving all the gorgeous sock making going on. Hope you had a good time in France too. One of my fave places. Enjoy your day xoxo

  6. I love these socks! I'd like to knit socks for myself this year and this would be perfect. Where did you get the pattern? I'd also like to try the toes up knitting. I've made a dozen large Christmas stockings, knit just like an actual sock and two pair for feet.


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