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Friday, 20 June 2014


Hello All!

I seem to have been busy over the last few weeks but I'm not sure what doing. 
 I received a Whatsapp message from my mum this morning saying "Are you quite alright? No blog post lately."  Yes, it's OK, I am quite alright.  We have had problems with our router at home and Mr Clicky has been rebuilding a PC for our neighbours, a which takes up the place in study where I want to sat be typing this.
School has gone a bit manic, the children are getting more and more excited and more and more tired as the end of term looms.  I'm going on 3 trips soon and the end of year production of 'Hoodwinked' (Robin Hood) is in full rehearsal.  We rotate the productions though the years and, as it happens, both Miss and Master Clicky have been in it in the past so I'm well practised in the songs.

A few of our evenings have been taken up by watching Master Clicky playing cricket.  He had a break last year as the club got into disarray but thankfully it's back on course and he enjoys it very much.  He is collecting lots of 'trophy injuries', taping fingers together ~ "it's broken Mum," taking off layers of skin on his legs through his whites, and the best yet, a bruise on his knee in the perfect pattern of the stitching on the cricket ball.   
The flowers in the jungle garden are looking great although it seems to grow faster than I can get to it and chop it down.
Anyhoo, this double clematis is climbing up through a tree and we have a lovely view of it from our bedroom.
The Philadelphus (Mock Orange) is stunning at the moment and the smell is wafting into our living room.
Not quite as fragrant but spectacular none the less, is the Stinky Plant as it is know to us.  It's a Dragon Arum, the one that is pollinated by flies.  It smells of rotting fish, only flowers for a few days and then disappears until next year. 
This Peony, not from my garden but in the reduced bucket at the supermarket, makes we want one.  It screams summer at me.
I have been knitting a little, but not much to be honest, my mojo seems to have lost me a bit.  I cast on a new stripy sock mainly to do when there is a football match on ~ seems to be a lot at the moment, anything happening???  It's nice and bright, so should keep me interested.
Right, that's me for now.   Looks like the weather for the weekend will continue to be hot, I'll try to do some gardening. where are those secateurs?

See you soon, have fun...................Clicky Needles.


  1. Hello! I just sent thru a comment but it seems to have disappeared so I'm sending another one ... apologies if you get 2!!! Your flowers are gorgeous! Wish we could grow the same here but too hot in the summer ... nothing survives, even the snails burn up! Love the socks too - awesome colours! Which wool is it? xxx

  2. I must learn to do 'toe up' socks, reapeat one hundred times...

    Great pictures.

  3. Glad you are all ok and get news of you. Good thing Master Clicky doing a bit more sport. Get those secateurs clicking!!!! Xx

  4. Glad to see you post. You've been doing good at Words With Friends! I want a peony too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Red, White or Pink peonies? I'll chop you a bit when they die down!

  6. I hope that things calm down soon! It will be the end of term before you know it and then you can sit back and relax! Hope that the production goes well and that there are no more cricket injuries, it sounds like a dangerous game! xx

  7. Lovely pics of the garden, love the peony too. Hope you find your mojo
    with the knitting. The yarn looks lovely.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. I wish I could knit socks, I really do. I wish I could knit anything more than garter stitch scarves, frankly, but hey. Things are similarly bonkers here - a friend sent me a text saying "Are you alive? Just checking you're not trapped under a heavy object..." It must be the time of year, end of term is always crazy.

    Thanks for your lovely, lovely comment on my blog. I was prepared that the magazine came on sale on Wed 2nd July but totally forgot subscription readers would already have a copy... It's all a bit strange, but fun too. x


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