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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Basket Making

Hello folks!

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to go on a basket making course, organised by my knitting pal Romain for her W.I.  There was an unexpected space, so she asked me if I fancied it.  I jumped at the chance.

The tutor was a lovely local basket maker. 
I had thought that the structure would be complicated but once it was explained, not so much.
Firstly you make the base. 
When that is complete you can start working upwards...
..until you reach the height you want, and then you can bend over and tuck in the top.
This was my first attempt, I used all the different colours of willow that were available.
This was my second basket, which was much quicker.  
 For this I used stripped (white) and steamed willow which makes the natural colour go dark.  A bit holey, but not too bad.
At the end of the day there was a big array of different colours and sizes. 
 I really enjoyed it.  Will I try it again?  Maybe.
The other thing I need to show you today is my new quilt cover.  It came from Tesco, I missed it last winter and happened across it a few weeks ago whilst browsing the Tesco website.
I was really miffed when I couldn't get it and I guess you can see why.
A super soft and cosy brushed cotton cover, and IT'S KNITTED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, not really knitted but a knitted print.
I love this sooooooooooo much. 
 Mr Clicky was less impressed, "I've got to sleep in knitting too?"  
Yes Mr C, you do.
It's really chilly at the moment so a brushed cotton cover is just what we need.

Righto, I'll see you soon, as always, have fun.

Clicky Needles. x


  1. The basket making class looks good but quite challenging. I do like your new quilt too :)

  2. The basket making class looks good but quite challenging. I do like your new quilt too :)

  3. very impressive basket making.Its something I would love to have a go at.Barbara

  4. Love, love, loving the basket weaving - something I've always wanted to have a go at. Also loving the duvet cover, but I think - despite the yarn-related presents he's bought me - that might be a step too far for my husband :lol:

  5. Baskets look good. Well done. A bit more knitting about the place, well have the lights down low!!!

  6. LOVE the baskets! Have always wanted to try it but willow is not big here in SA! Tell Mr C you can never have enough knitting in the house!!! Hope he slept well..... xxx

  7. I love the comment from Mr C and your reply!!! So funny! The baskets that you made are fantastic! How clever. I had no idea that the sides were "added" I assumed that you sort of bent the bottom bits upwards, but this makes far more sense. Now you just need some more yarny projects to fill them! xx

  8. That duvet cover is fabulous! But I have a feeling Mr JK would think the same as Mr Clicky!! I have also discovered Tiger quite recently, some amazing bargains to be had!

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