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Sunday 15 March 2015

More Bags

Hello Folks!

It was two of my old friends birthday's this week. When I say old friends, our daughters' are all 20 now and we met at our local playgroup.  They both had 4 children, I just stuck to the 2 and, when they were smaller they spent lots of time together while us mums drank tea and nattered.  As the children have grown up we see each other less, but we try and meet every few months.
I decided not to buy the usual pot of daffodils/primroses and make them each a bag instead.  I used the lovely birdie print fabric I got off eBay a little while ago.
This time the bags went much more smoothly.  No pins stuck inside and I even cut the selvedge off!
I had to buy some more lining material as I didn't have enough.
I was very pleased with the result, and, as it turns out, so were they.  We had a meal out in a local pub, and caught up.
Mr Clicky bought me some daffodils last week, and the young girl who served him told him to put sugar in the water.  She said they had done experiments in school ~ I told you she was young ~ and they lasted longer.  I've heard of putting lemonade in vases but I never have any.  Now, I wouldn't usually worry too much about a £1.00 bunch of daffs but I thought I'd give it a go.  Not only have they lasted longer they are standing more upright as well.  When I mentioned this to Master Clicky he said, 'Of course they will Mum, you're giving them food,' and even finished off his sentence with a duh.  That told me then.
Right, I'm off to watch Master Clicky play rugby, I am wearing long johns, thermal vest and two pairs of socks, I don't like getting cold!

See you soon, and you never know there may be progress on my Caramel Cardigan.

Clicky Needles.


  1. The bags are wonderful presents for your friends. I just love the fabrics you chose. Hope you stayed warm during the match,

  2. Those bags are super. The trick with the daffodils is one that I shall be trying this week, thank you.

  3. love the bags.i will be trying the trick with daffodils. did you know if you put 2p coins in with tulips it stops them flopping. honest it does try it. i usually put 3 in the vase

  4. The bags are fabulous, I love the fabric. I've never heard of that trick with daffodils but I know to prick tulip stems just below the flower to stop them going floppy.

  5. Well, I scrolled back to January to get caught up again with your latest and have enjoyed admiring your cleverly made bags, basket and challenging sweater...and your pretty flowers, too :-) I'm sorry you were ill for a bit but glad that you have been out and about on an interesting school trip and to your son's rugby match! I have finished making two baby hats recently and have knit some more rows on a blanket I started years ago...progress.,,,s l o w l y... Wishing you and yours a Happy Spring! xx

  6. Lovely bags, what a thoughtful gift! I had a £1 bunch of daffs the other day and they lasted a whole week and looked great....perhaps with a bit of sugar they will last even longer. I'll try it next time, and the 2p coin trick for tulips mentioned above! X


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