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Monday, 27 April 2015


Hello Folks!

Life seems to have left me with little time over the past few weeks and when that happens blogging is an extra pressure, hence the short break.

I had a fabby day out at Wonderwool Wales with my knitting pal Romain yesterday.  I came back super inspired, full of ideas and wanting to knit.

I bought lots of lovely things and spent more money than usual.  
Would you like to see?  Of course you would.

Firstly a ready made top.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, I could knit that.  You are right.  I could.  It was for sale on one of stalls and I just fancied it.   The yarn is Shetland and it was made by a lady in Herefordshire who has some sheep of her own and makes felted items too.
 It has a really nice contrast scalloped edge.   We came across a lot of jumpers and cardis with a contrast edge, something I might use in the future.
On the Blacker Yarns stall I had a rummage through a bin of 4ply yarn and got 6 balls for £15.00.  Maybe a yolk for a cardi/jumper?  The green at the back is a blend of Blue Faced Leicester with Flax and is wonderfully smooth.
In another bin on the same stall I found two unidentified 400g hanks of mill ends for £8.00 each.
The Baa Ram Ewe stall had a wonderfully soft, squishy, warm yarn called Titus.  It is 4ply with 50% Wensleydale Longwool 20% Blue Faced Leicester and 
30% UK Alpaca.
 I got a large skein and 6 mini-skeins to make a Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West.  The shawl on the stall was gorgeous, although they had run out of they grey so I had two lots of green.
Also on this stall I bought a pattern for Dark Pearl, a drapy front lace cardi from Carol Feller.  This was made in the same yarn,  Titus.  
And lastly a single ball of Drops Lima, just to try it out as I haven't used it before.
We had a super time, wandering and chatting, with a few ooooos and aahhhhhhs thrown in.  There was lots of Alpaca and also a lot of felting this year, garments and needle felted creatures.

After our long, tiring day of woolyness, I was asleep as soon as the coach pulled off, which was no surprise to Romain as she knows me by now!

That's me for now, I'm off to cast on a shawl........
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  1. Wow, you got some nice yarn and a lovely sweater. We're having fun at the coast. A sunny and warm day with ocean waves. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. So many fabulous things!!! Glad you had a great day out with your friend, and I hope that things are a little less busy for you soon so that you can catch up with your knitting! xx

  3. Am very very jealous of all that gorgeous wool you got!!! Can't wait to see what u make..... xxx

  4. Those are lovely wools/alpacas, reasonable prices too. The sweater is rather lovely too.

  5. Lovely purchases, I bet it was a wonderful day out. CJ xx

  6. Gorgeous yarny goodies! Sounds like a perfect day out! :)

  7. Well of course you had to buy all those wonderful things, and yes you could make that sweater but you are supporting someone out who did make it so that is wonderful for both of you. Love that cardigan pattern, it is gorgeous.


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