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Sunday 17 April 2016

Sunshiny Day

Hi Folks.

I've been busy in the last few weeks, we went to France the first week of Easter Holidays and then I spent a week teaching Master Clicky how to drive.  I think I'll tell you more about this next time.   Mr Clicky has come back from a week in Chicago with work and the washing machine has stopped working.  Luckily my lovely next door neighbour has been letting me use her machine.

The daffodils I got this week from the supermarket have been beautiful with just a touch of scent.
Today the sun has shone and I spent some time in the garden.  I took my tea out and attempted to make the garden look a little less weed ridden than it was before.  It was glorious when the sun was out and I can feel my face glowing.
I filled the brown wheelie.  I have discovered there is an art to getting the bin completely full and making full use of the space.  We are not allowed to have the lid open so a bit of extra chopping is sometimes required.  Long twiggy bits are best shoved down the sides and a lot of compacting gets more in.  Even though I filled the bin I'm not sure I've much of an impact; the soil is still very wet and heavy as our back garden is north facing and my boots were leaving tracks.
With the sunshine the tulips opened up their flowers.
With the prospect of a twelve hour car journey to France each way I was browsing my Ravelry queue as you do,  and came across ravello by Isabell Kraemer which I had queued a while ago.   Rav link here.  It's made in 4ply yarn so I had a stash dive and came across the ginger yarn which I've had for 6+ years.  It's either from Jamiesons or Jamiesons and Smith from Shetland.  I'm not sure which.  I then came across the yellow and green in ahem! another crate somewhere else.  I started to get excited and a bit giddy, bought the pattern and more green from Jamiesons (I didn't have enough of the other) and before I knew it I was off.
It was the perfect knitting for in the car.  In fact I've been loving the pattern ~ contiguous top down ~ but it was brought to a stand still the other evening when I snapped my KnitPro needle.  Thankfully a replacement has now arrived and I'm back onto it.
Right that's me for now, have a super week.

Clicky Needles. 


  1. I wish we had bins to take all of our weeds and yard waste away. Love that sweater, it is a beauty.

  2. We are on the same path with gardening which is what I posted about last night :) Your skilled knitting always inspires me even though I still end up sticking to my simple projects like the stack of dishcloths I just finished :) Wishing you a happy safe Spring with a new driver in your household! xx

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