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Saturday 20 August 2016

Afmaeli Ta-Dah!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Folks!

Drum roll please...........
The finished pictures of my Afmaeli jumper..  

I am so in love with this jumper. 
 I love the yarn ~ Drops Nepal ~ Wool/Alpaca Mix. 
 I love the pattern.  
I love the fit ~ the way that it clings in the right places even though there's no waist shaping.
I love that it's cosy, if a bit too hot right now.
I love the colours.
I love construction.
I love everything about it. 
It is the best jumper that I have ever made.
I'm also quite pleased with the pics which I took on my phone with a selfie stick!
And now lots of pics, I'm sorry but I can't resist.

Maisie loves it too, she's wearing it right now.

Me and Mr Clicky are off to France again so I'll see you next week.
Have a super week, whatever you get up to.
Clicky Needles.


  1. So many different patterns all in one jumper! how awesome.
    Beautiful colours, a favourite for sure. How lucky are you
    to be able to get on a plane and fly off to France. Wish it
    was me. lol

  2. Fantastic sweater, you did an amazing job.

  3. Wowsers! This is brilliant, no wonder you're pleased with it. Happy wearing!

  4. That is one amazing jumper - gorgeous colourwork too.

  5. I love that !How hard was it to do?

    1. I found it ok, I made sure the 'floats' were very loose.

  6. A big thumbs up from me :) It looks great.

  7. Stunning jumper! Well done you! I need to think about some colourwork .... have always been a bit daunted by it.... xxx

  8. Wow, i love the jumper and the colours just pop!

  9. WOW!!! Congrats on finishing that fabulous sweater! It's amazing and perfect and I love all the colors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Bravo! I admire your skill and hope you enjoy wearing the beautiful sweater you made! xx


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