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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half Term

Hello Folks!

Half Term is upon us in this neck of the woods and I've been pottering around.  I do love to potter, not really doing anything but still getting things done at the same time.  I'm trying the get over the numerous lurgies I've had over the last few months.  I lost my voice a few weeks ago (I'm sure all around me didn't mind) and was feeling grotty again.  I'm taking multi-vitamins and I'm hoping that'll help.

I popped into town this week and found myself in Tiger.  A lovely shop for a root around, I couldn't resist when I saw some little stamps.
 I've been after an alphabet for a while.
I think I need a little more practise when I ink the stamps.
I also picked up these bright ball magnets.
 And some ribbon (always useful.)
 The circles for The Wedding Blanket continue to grow, my basket contains the ones with all the ends sewn in, there are lots more waiting.
 The weather has been a mixed bag lately, but on this dog walk the other day the sunshine filtered through and it was very welcome.
The extension is making good progress, with lots of deliveries arriving, as much as possible coming over the garden wall.
 Unfortunately the concrete girders which will form the base to the extension were left in the front garden.  They are 1600kgs each, and were carried by the builder, his son (Master Clicky's school friend) and Master Clicky.  There was much moaning from the boys, not helped because they Googled 'How to carry concrete girders' and came up with 'It needs 6 people, not 3.'  Stay away from Google I say.
 They worked incredibly hard, I cooked them bacon sandwiches and then they brought the concrete blocks through from the front too.
The last thing I need to show you today is the sunrise the other morning.  It really made me feel sandwiched in between sky and earth, but of course, a few minutes later it had gone and things were back to normal.
Right, I'm off to finish cleaning the oven (urgh) and make the lovely builder another cup of tea.  

See you soon.............Clicky Needles.


  1. All very exciting with the extension :) I like your little finds and great job of the stamping xx

  2. I have had that lurgy myself, it just never seems to leave. I lost my voice all week, bummer. Love that those boys had to lift those big concrete pillars. They should be feeling all manly.

  3. They did nothing but complain Meredith! So funny.

  4. Your extension is progressing nicely! We recently finished ours, best thing we ever did to the house. Our builders had no proper access, just a steep set of stairs. Everything was moved by hand, bucket by bucket... lots of complaining, lots of bacon sandwiches... bacon sandwiches always help.

  5. Take the ink pad to the rubber stamp and dab it rather than pushing the stamp into the ink pad - you get it on the edges when you do that. Also it helps to put your paper on a soft surface like a few folded sheets of Kitchen roll to accommodate an uneven surface. That said, I think they look a lot of fun. Jo x


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