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Tuesday 12 December 2017

White Stuff

Hello Folks!

Here at Clicky Needles towers we caught some of the snow that has been dropping on Britain.  I awoke on Sunday morning to find lots of snow and it was still falling.  This was not so great as my new sofa was due to be delivered by Ikea.  I had a phone call early to say it wouldn't be coming.
The Velux in the kitchen were covered ~ it felt rather oppressive.
 Of course, everything looks beautiful covered in snow.
I like the Christmas lights.
I can hear screams and whoops of joy from our local sledging fields.  My school has been shut for two 'snow days' the roads are really slippy and dangerous.
Yesterday morning the covering on the extension roof started to move ~ downwards.  

I have been knocking it off when it reaches the bottom. 
 Today things have been better and it's even starting to melt a bit, although there is lots of ice on the rain chains.

 Master Clicky had one day off work and went sledging with his friends ~ I wasn't tempted this time.

School is back tomorrow, it is still icy so I'm hoping that it warms up and melts during the night.

Keep warm..........Clicky Needles.


  1. Lucky! No snow here as yet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. oooh yes, do stay warm! i think we have our own small microclimate up here though, dont we?

    1. We certainly do Gill. I fancy we could hear the same sledges!

  3. We got a few inches of snow on Sunday. It started coming down fairly heavily while I was out with Jess for her morning walk; she wasn't impressed about getting snowed on! Fortunately, it did start to thaw and by the time I went out yesterday morning the roads had cleared and weren't icy.

  4. My greenhouse looks like your conservatory - knocking snow off as it starts to move. Car is snowed in though so not going anywhere just yet.

  5. I hope you were able to enjoy your day off. It looks so beautiful.


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