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Monday 19 November 2018

Finishing School

Well hello.

Carrying on the theme of things changing, I worked my last day at school last week.  I decided with Mr Clicky that I needed a bit of time to get things in order before I upsticks for Chicagoland.  There's lots to be done and I have even started making lists ~ which is most unlike me ~ of 'stuff' that need to be attended to.  

My last day was emotional, I have been at school for 16 years.  The children had made me a book of memories, drawn pictures of me, made, along with the help of some wonderful mums, a quilt with a block from each child

and even written a poem.  I won't bore you with it all but the first verse goes,
Mrs W has curly hair
She can give you a scary stare
But we know you really care
We're going to miss you not being there.

School has given me some wonderful opportunities and no matter how rubbish your day may be, there is always a child who says something bonkers mad and makes me laugh.  I will miss them all.

Talking of opportunities Tuesday last week saw me driving around the country lanes near school looking for Matt Baker and Maisie as the Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge went right past the school.  I found them and the support vehicles some in very challenging lanes near school, and then raced back to school via a shorter route so we could get all the children ready.  Matt and Maisie looked exhausted so I told the children that they needed a lot of encouragement.
We lined the village and made a huge amount of noise as they came round the corner and we were rewarded with wide smiles.  Over £50 million has been raised this year.  Wow.
When I woke up this morning it seemed a bit naughty not going to school in term time and I contemplated my day.  I didn't imagine that I would receive a text from Master Clicky asking me to retrieve a part of his bike.  He had fallen off (yes, again) with no injury but realised that the cover for his battery (electric bike) must be on his route.  It was down here, a hill called Blackness.  This is actually tarmac, not that you would know as it's covered in leaves.  These are what caused Master Clicky to come off.

I put my walking boots on and me and the dog set of to find the cover.  It is incredibly steep and not used that much.

There are some bollards about half way down, presumably to stop you if your legs are going too fast for the rest of you, and we found the cover by a tree.
We stopped and looked over to the hill on the other side and then walked back up.  

My hamstrings had a jolly good stretch and we stopped for a rest on the bench at the top and looked over to Minchinhampton Common.

So that's me for today, on my second day of 'retirement' tomorrow, I've been persuaded to go on a school trip so not quite finished yet!

Have a great week..........Clicky Needles.


  1. Congrats on retiring and your move to Chicago, one of my favorite cities I might add. So many fun adventures ahead.

  2. Oh as I read, I tried to guess which of the hills he'd chosen - when I saw Blackness, I thought "nerves of steel" !! Your poor legs... Can't believe how quickly the time has gone - have fun on your trip!

  3. Congratulations on all your lovely momentos from the children, very precious to be appreciated. Retirement is wonderful, some days you will wonder how you ever had time to go to work ☺
    Chicago is a very interesting place, we stayed in a tall skinny mansion near lake Michigan,(worth going for a look as there were a few together) can't remember the street name but it was within walking distance to a Frank Lloyd Wright house nearby.
    Winter in Chicago can be truly Bitter, I think it is the wind blowing off the lake, so be prepared to rug up big time.
    If you can get some shoes or boots with a crepe sole, that prevents the cold getting to your feet.
    I hope you have heaps of fun finding all the good yarn shops and adding to your stash.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.


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