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Thursday 9 May 2019


Hello All!

Today's post is all about making. 

Before I show you my making I need to tell you what Master Clicky made.  42 runs (not out) in his cricket match on Saturday.  He is a lower order end batsman (one of the last to go in for bat), his average is 5 or 6 runs per match, he is primarily a wicket keeper and fielder.  He was on good form, and, he assures me, could have kept on, but ran out of overs.  I am pleased he has had this success because unfortunately, his temporary work contract has come to an end.  He is now looking for a new job and facing uncertain times. *sigh*

As I waiting for the kitchen floor to dry after I cleaned it the other other day (I know, cleaning!) I sat at my desk and found myself making necklaces.  I delved into a little stash of felt balls that I have  (which came from Amazon) and came up with two different ones.  The first, a mix of blues with green,

and the second, a more vibrant mix.
I have had the beaded balls for ages; for this necklace I also added small wooden beads.

Obviously, these are incredibly quick and easy to do, thread and knot, but so satisfying.

I have also made some pom pom cushions for Miss Clicky's wedding to go in the relaxed seating area.
I have hooked up a couple more crochet twine baskets, I love making these, quick and easy.  They are sitting on my desk with things in them now. 

When I was in the garden centre the other day, I came across some twool.  It's like twine but made from wool of Whitefaced Dartmoor Sheep and a British product.  You can read all about the company here.
It very much appealed to me and I have been making more little baskets.

These are about 10cm in diameter, and I have made them for my face scrubbies to go in.

Speaking of face scrubbies, I have tried a different pattern to my original batch which were made with trebles and a bit holey.  I have made some using double crochet the same as the bottom of the little baskets, which I find better to use, no poking your finger through when trying the cleanse! 
I am also forging ahead with the Climb Every Mountain jumper, I have split the sleeves off and carrying on with the main body which is just as well because the stitch count had got to 400 odd per row and taking a long time.

So that's me and my making, what have you been up to?

Bye for now.......Clicky Needles.


  1. Gorgeous necklaces. Beading is soooo therapeutic.

  2. It's lovely to be busy with creative things, the jumper is beautiful, my favourite colours too.
    I have been doing a few top down and find it much easier to do the sleeves after the body divide as you don't have the weight of the body when you are knitting round and round many times on the sleeves.
    Have fun, hope the wedding goes well😊

  3. Wow, you've been making a ton of cool things.. bravo! I bet you're excited about your daughter's wedding! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Wow! you have been busy! Love the twool.

  5. I am sure all you are saying about Cricket is great but I did not understated a word of it. I am sure it is like when I used to discuss swimming and my son swimming the 400 IM and 200 butterfly, not everyone would get it. I love all yo have made, simply wonderful. My oldest is between jobs so I understand that!


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