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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Waiting and Making

Hello there folks!  

How are you doing?  I wish I could say that I had been outside planting all my seedlings and watching and waiting for flowers to open.  It has been another wet, cold week ~ right now I am sitting in front of the wood burner ~ and to be honest my seedlings really aren't interested in growing and getting bigger, consequently they are still tucked up in my zippy greenhouse


or just on the kitchen floor.

They are having to jostle position with the furniture from our Chicagoan apartment which finally arrived yesterday.  It was packed away in February and was delayed by The Evergreen which was stuck in The Suez Canal, not that our container was going that way but all the ships were in the wrong place.  We have filled a room with everything.  Mr Clicky excitedly unpacked things, I was less enthusiastic, although it was nice to be reunited with my fabric and crafty bits.



We are now trying to fit the furniture into our house.  

On the making front I have several new projects on the go.

I started this Hearts embroidery a while ago.  I bought the printed fabric from Etsy (whilst buying a Christmas present, couldn't resist) I'm not using the suggested colours but all different colours from my thread box. 

The biggest hearts are only a centimetre across, so the small ones really are tiny.

I am also joining in with Claire from the Hello! Hooray Blog and her stitch a week project over on Instagram.

Some stitches are quick and easy, others not so much, as you can see I have not yet completed the long and short stitch!

I'm also working on an Ehrman tapestry, designed by Kaffe Fasset called unsurprisingly, Cauliflower.  My Mum started this but hasn't stitched it for a while so she passed it onto me.  There are very subtle colour variations in this, so lots of light is needed, luckily for me, Mum has already completed the cauliflower head and I have been working on the leaves.

I have also cast on another Rallar-Genser Jumper, this time for my Dad.  He has chosen a lovely olive for the main colour and I'm using the left over colours from Mr Clicky's jumper for the yolk.  

The yolk of Mr Clicky's jumper.

I have completed one sleeve and started another.  It's in Jamieson and Smith's 2 ply jumper weight again, and I'm really enjoying it.

Right, I think that's me for now, the weather forecasters are promising it will stop raining on Thursday.  Let's hope so!  

Bye for now.............Clicky Needles.


  1. I am so fed up of all this wind and rain. I planted out my leeks yesterday and fear that they may have been washed away! I love the heart embroidery and the cauliflower - who doesn't like a nice cauli?! Good luck with all the unpacking. xx

  2. I also have seedlings everywhere ... lots are not doing too well ... I think they’ve been mollycoddled as I’ve not dared put them outside. I’m hoping for a better start to June but think I may just plant them out and hope for the best. I love the stitch a week embroidery project ... I might give that a go. 😃

  3. Glad the furniture finally got there along with your fabric bits. Your seedlings will be so happy in just a few weeks when it warms up. Love your beautiful projects, that tapestry is truly amazing. Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

  4. Gorgeous makes! All those hearts such a simple pattern but very effective and great choice of colours. keep well Amanda x


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