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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Growing and Harvesting

 Hello folks.

We have carried on clearing and planting the allotment. 

We've now got strawberries, leeks and some herbs and are starting to make the paths in between the growing areas.

We've also discovered a family of bumble bees who are living in a tuck of landscape fabric, we are leaving them well alone.

Back at home I am still picking buckets of flowers, tonight's harvest included lots of sunflowers,

my dahlia patch is giving me particular pleasure. 

I love this one, Thomas Edison.

I fell behind badly with my stitch a week embroidery hoop, run by Clare of hellohoorayblog on Instagram, so I sat down and made myself catch up.

Progress on my Dad's jumper is whizzing along, I'm on the neckband.  I much prefer bottom up construction to top down, as Jo commented last week, the boring knitting is all done.

That's me for now, not a lot seems to be happening in my neck of the woods but sometimes that's good.

Bye for now........Clicky Needles.


  1. You have been very productive. I bought a hoop to do the stitch a day project, but haven’t got started yet … it seems my craft and gardening mojo don’t operate at the same time 😂

  2. Well … you’ve inspired me … I’ve dug out my hoop and printed off the template and watched a few of the video tutorials and read through the blog posts … though there doesn’t seem to have been any new stitches shared for a while. Im going to take this project on holiday and see how k get on 😃

    1. Excellent news, a little holiday stitching sounds lovely to me. CN x

    2. Just had a look at the HelloHooray Blog, you're right. not many stitch posts lately. Up to date on Instagram though, same name.

    3. That’s frustrating … I’m not on Instagram … hopefully will be able to find videos on YouTube 😃

    4. Ah yes, they are all there on You Tube. Cn x

    5. I had a good look today and found them all and done about 20 on a practice hoop … go a bit carried away 😂😂😂

  3. How lovely (and lucky) to have spotted the bumblebee nest, I had them in the compost several years running - did make composting a little awkward but I'd rather they were there than they were not 😁🐝

  4. Gorgeous pattern on that sweater but it does look intricate. I once looked into an allotment here but I couldn't get Sr P interested in it (he is a city lad)and I just couldn't see me being able to cope alone. It looks like a lot of work but I imagine very rewarding to have your own home grown veg and fruit; nothing better! keep well Amanda x

  5. What a very handsome jumper; lucky Dad!

    Beautiful flowers, and how nice to have bees in your allotment - guaranteed pollination!

  6. Lovely flowers and super stitching, very modern looking, bit different than flowers on tray cloths. Dads jumper getting there. Thanks


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