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Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday 7th May

I've finished my waistcoat! It's just blocking at the moment so I'll show you tomorrow. This project turned out to be a BIT OF A SAGA I'll tell you more when I post the pictures.

I've had a productive day today (don't work Fridays) taken 2 loads of garden rubbish to the tip, which must have been about 20 bags worth, so I can now start filling them again, it's a never ending cycle!

I saw a friend of mine last week and she gave me this bowl of lovelies so at the moment there is a Devonshire Honey Cake in the oven.

I stopped in the woods to take the bluebells as promised.

And some oil seed rape in bloom.
You know those green and red tights that DD wore with her Morris outfit? Apparently you have to wash each leg separately or they will run into each other. So guess what? I'm now off to handwash some tights, a leg at a time.

Bye for now Clicky Needles.

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