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Saturday 1 May 2010

Saturday 1st May


Well what an exiting morning I've had already. DD has taken up Morris Dancing of late so we got up at 4.30am this morning to see in the summer on a lovely local spot - Painswick Beacon.
When we got there at 5.30am the mist was all over the valley - this view looks over to May Hill (with 99 trees on top) where apparently a bunch of like minded fools were doing the same thing.
As the dancing started the sun came up and looked lovely.
So sun up in the East and the moon still visible too. (Top right in the photo.)
Of course, there was a strange horse who kept winking.
This was DD's first dance out with Stroud Ladies Morris Group and as you can tell by the feet was dressed very brightly. I love those tights!
The madness was followed by a wonderful breakfast, so worth getting up for that alone. We have a few hours rest and then were off again to a festival to hear more bells tinkling. Will report later!
Bye for now Clicky Needles.

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