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Monday, 31 May 2010

Monday 31st May Eurovision Sock Ta-Dah!!

Goodness my sock mojo is back!!!!!!!
Started Saturday morning and finished Sunday morning, sock no 2 of my Eurovision Socks with loads being done whilst watching the madness that is Eurovision.
DD set up a spreadsheet and the four of us voted for everyone. Iceland came out best for us but unfortunately the rest of Europe didn't agree.
Hey ho.
I particularly enjoyed these because of the colours ~ finishing 'just one more stripe' before putting it down.
They are definitely my current favourites. :-)
Today DD was dancing with Stroud Ladies Morris at South Cerney Fete.
South Cerney is a lovely Cotswold village with the honey coloured houses you would imagine, and is lucky enough to have a river running through the middle of it, so they had a duck race.
Here is a piccy of the start of the race ~ you can see the ducks hanging in the net, but I wanted to show you the wonderful Health and Safety sign.
It certainly made us laugh.
You may have noticed I've changed my quote to the wonderful poem from William Henry Davies.
If you can.
Look at the world around you.
Now I'm off to do my Mobius Wrap ~ I was going to pop it on the back burner but JosieKitten's comment is making me do it now!
Thanks JK.
Byeeee Clicky Needles.

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