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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May Phew, What a Scorcher!!!

Couldn't resist the title - sorry about that. I hope it was been a lovely weekend wherever you are - maybe a bit too hot???? I lay idly on my beloved steamer chair half dozing, half awake listening to the blackbirds having their daily 'Who can sing the loudest competition' I'm not sure who won but it was very relaxing.
Things to show you from the garden.
I am soooooo proud of this picture - a stunning allium with it's starry flowers.
I'm even more proud because it and it's mates here are all grown from seed. All I did was to chuck a seed head from another plant in the hosta/ferny area a few years ago and they have just gone mad. These are just a few.

Talking of hostas, here is a bluey coloured one, BS (before snails.) I'm sure in a few weeks it won't look like this so we have to enjoy while we can.
I'm also liking very much this fern that is unfurling. It reminds me of an octopus (with a few extra tentacles.)

And last (but not least) knitting things.

I went to my knitting group on Saturday which was great.
Some of the lovely ladies had clearouts of yarn they didn't want or need and others (me) bought. I ended up with a nice little haul and in total we raised £117 for The Butterfly Garden which is where we meet. A big 'well done' everyone.

Progress on things.
The Mobius Wrap thingy. I'm not sure it will sit nicely on the shoulders, might just be a scarfy type thing.
And a pair of socks which I cast on last week knowing DS had several Tag Rugby Matches through school - so the perfect project - I can watch the game and yell encouragement, but knit at the same time.
Yarn- Rico Santa Fe. I like.
Unfortunately though this breaks The Resolution.
Oh dear.
Today has been so blooming warm I really didn't feel like doing too much knitting - more dozing - have I mentioned that?!
Hope the weather stays nice wherever you are.
Byeee Clicky Needles.

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  1. Your Mobius wrap is looking lovely - I shall watch its progress with interest. I'm very impressed with your alliums - I haven't noticed ours yet this year. Hope that they survived the winter!


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