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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday May 11th Waistcoat Ta-Dah!!!

Well here we go - the waistcoat Ta-Dah. I am very pleased with it. Despite it being Really Thick Yarn it doesn't feel bulky whilst on.
The Saga. Knitted once size 36/38" - pinned it up and tried it on - too BIG. Made it again in 32/34" looked just right. It is made in 3 pieces and then picked up across the cast off edges for the yoke and cast on for the arms at the same time. I did a backward loop cast on for the arm tops and merrily sewed it all up BEFORE trying it on. BIG MISTAKE. The backward loop arms were very loose and therefore the whole thing was slipping down my shoulders. I tried threading elastic through, sewing a pieces of gathering yarn through...........which just didn't work. I had no choice. I unravelled the yoke and did it again. And here we are. I think it was worth it.

Something else I'm doing at the moment as well. Socks for DS in Regia Galaxy which I got at a bargain price from a certain on-line shop called Kemps. (You may have heard of it!) I have made these once before also but as DS keeps growing and his feet too, guess what..........................they were too small and I HAD TO FROG THEM!!!!! This seems to be the story of knitting at the moment. Anyhoo I had quite forgotten how nice it is to knit socks - to sit in front of the TV with a lovely rhythm Clickyclickyclicky........maybe some for me next!
On to gardeny things.
These cowslips are seeding everywhere in the garden, and our trip to work/school in the morning also gives us the beautiful sight of cowslips and bluebells in all the hedgerows. It sets us up for the day and always cheers us up.
Other lovely things in the garden at the moment, apple blossom - you'll have to take my word for it - the smell is wonderful.
And the blood red Acer Palmatum which almost seems to be glowing as I look out of the window at it now.
Rightho I think I may be off to finish those socks now......
Byeee Clicky Needles.


  1. Wow that pink plant doesn't even look like a plant, more like some sort of feathery decoration. Very lovely.

    I really like the waistcoat as well.

  2. You've taken some beautiful photos in your garden. The cowslips are lovely. Glad it all ended well for your waistcoat. Seeing your socks has reminded me that I need to start a 'mindless' pair too. I'm taking the kids away on a trip all next week, so will need something to do whilst I'm sat outside the dormitories at midnight, waiting for the little beggars to go to sleep!


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