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Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday 19th July

School has finished!!!!! (Well for the children.)
I've been in today and will be tomorrow and that will BE IT.
DS has had his last day and is now all ready to go off to Secondary School.
The staff are given the usual chocs, smellies etc. ~ all very nice ~ but the nicest gift I have been given this year is this little lavender bag.
It's living in my car right now and I give it a squish when I get in ~ quite lovely.
DD did point out that it may relax me too much whilst driving so I'll have to watch that!
I've managed to finish the Orange Gilet thing and it's blocking as I type (badly I have to tell you, I am totally exhausted and there are lots of red squiggly lines under everything I put.)
I'm back onto the Scrappy Blanket whilst the brain decides what to do next.

Somebody important was obviously reading my last post regarding the rain and obliged with rain, rain, rain and more rain, I suppose I shouldn't complain too much we did need it. At least now it's a bit easier to pull up weeds and the grass has turned green again.
Talking of weeds ~ I had my suspicions about this plant last year.
That Clematis is doing well I thought.
But No it's not a Clematis.
It's Old Man's Beard.
Same family but not welcome in my garden.
I think it may have been a 'proper' one that has reverted back to type.
A pulling out job there for me later in the week.
A few things that should be there........
.....pretty blue Nigella which seeds everywhere and a yellow Verbascum.
Can't quite fully relax as DD is on her second week of work experience at a Vets Practice which is about 45 minutes way so she needs taking in the morning and picking up again at night, but I'm so very near to the Big Knit Holidays it's OK.
(Big Knit Holiday nothing special - just me knitting away to my heart's content ~ I wonder how much I can make???)
Bye for now.
Clicky Needles.

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  1. Ooooh lucky you, we don't break up until Friday! Enjoy all your knitting time!


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