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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A day in Gloucester

Hello peeps!!!!
It's been a nice sunny day today and we (Mr CK, DS, DD + BF) had a lovely day in Gloucester.
Would you like to walk with us?
We parked in Gloucester Docks which is undergoing lots of regeneration. This piece of art is new since I've last been.
That's my gang at the bottom!

Firstly we went to the Army Careers Office for DD + BF so they could get their applications rolling. The office is in the right hand warehouse.
We walked past the Glosters Museum with the little tank outside.
When we finished at the recruiting office we split up and me, Mr CK and DS went to find Gloucester's newest yarn shop, opened this week. It's just at the entrance to Gloucester Cathedral parking, so if you can find the Cathedral (it is hard to miss!) then you can find Miju Wool.
They have Sirdar, Stylecraft, Katia and Rico, notions and gifts. We had a nice chat with the lady, Michelle, unfortunately her friend and business partner Julie ~ hence the name ~ wasn't in today.
What a lovely rainbow of colours.
When we came out we walked through the grounds of the Cathedral which is well worth a visit.
Up to Gloucester Cross next, this is where Eastgate, Northgate, Westgate and Southgate streets meet. We had a spot to eat, did a bit of general shopping and then carried on down Southgate Street. Above Bakers the Jewellers you can see a striking clock with figures called jacks, representing England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales the one in the middle being Old Father Time. I think they strike every quarter of an hour, certainly whist we walked past.
As we carried along Southgate Street we came to Robert Raikes' House ~ he set up the first Sunday School.
We stopped to buy these steel toe-capped boots (for me to garden in, I did once stick a fork in my foot!) and then .....
............back to the docks to meet DD + BF at the car.
That concludes our tour of Gloucester, hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did!

With good light today I got some pictures of A Bit of a Frill Shawl but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that reveal!

Bye for now.................Clicky Needles.


  1. I so appreciate the tour, as that may be the closest I get to your magical land. Hugs, Teresa (snow pix on my blog today!)

  2. Glad you managed to sniff out a new yarn shop. Were you tempted by anything?!

  3. No, I didn't buy anything. *Polishes halo*

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